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RE: Are We Seeing An Uprise Of The Female Incel? | Evie Magazine

I thought you all might be interested in this hot take about femcels in something called Evie Magazine.

"Female incels, or "femcels," as they are more widely known, couldn’t possibly hold more abhorrence towards the male gender, especially their incel subgroups. Instead of looking, or even considering positive alterations to themselves, a femcel will blame men for their lack of relationships and success in finding love; much like the incel, they hold little consciousness of their own motivations or shortfalls and could never even fathom a man they could love that wasn’t absolutely flawless – to the point of appearing alien."

The whole article is linked in the title

Tell us more about it, Stacy. All of their covers and articles have pictures of gorgeous women on display, they clearly know how much good looks matter so what is their contention exactly? They want to lecture us as if we didn't have an entire subreddit dedicated to looksmaxxing. Oh and guess what, femcels who have no interest in undergoing surgery and investing their money in bettering their appearance are just as valid. No one deserves to go through what we went and go through simply for not being eye candy, reducing it to dating problems misses the broader picture. Do the ladies at Evie think all we need to do is lose weight and wear makeup to look average? If that was the case, our forums wouldn't exist. Pick me garbage.

While we're at it, their magazine is just bland boring crap, they brand themselves as a female centric publication that's supposed to work for our benefit when in reality their whole shtick is 'retvrn' to tradition propaganda. The writing sucks too.



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