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RE: What's going on in Ukraine and Russia?


More sexual morals = less HIV

High IQ religious countries will have the lowest rates and low IQ countries with populations who are not religious or do not follow religion properly will have the most.

Czechia is like the most irreligious place in Europe and we are the greenest

Czechia is high IQ

Russia has significantly higher IQ than your bulgaria

Bulgarians are more socially conservative. Also it is not a normal bell curve in Bulgaria with IQ because Bulgarian ethnic average is 96 and gypsy ethnic average is 65 so low IQ problems will be isolated to just one small part of the population


Wdym cope? We are talking about why Bulgaria has lower HIV rates then Russia.

If you are just talking about IQ separately then yes ethnic Russians have higher IQ then ethnic Bulgarians on average, but both of our averages are dragged down by minorities. Russian ethnic IQ (98-100) is also higher then the average IQ of Russian citizens (96)

Poverty is the most reason of hiv and other diseases

You don’t get HIV from being poor.

but poor people get hiv more than other because of low standards of living

People who do drugs become poor. People who are low IQ and low impulse control become poor. Drug addicts and people with low impulse control are more likely to get HIV. A poor person with high IQ/impulse control is less likely to get HOV then a rich person with low IQ/low impulse control


Afghanistan is one of the most religious countries in the world

Bad education and culture not low IQ.

No, low IQ. IQ was proved to be genetic



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