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Mencius Moldbugman

The Taliban have started painting over murals left behind from the American occupation. Here they paint over one mural depicting St George Floyd and replace it with proclamations of victory.

The Globalist American Empire really was painting images of George Floyd in Kabul.

A pro-black account posts the following, featuring James Baldwin:

Dear white people, we are not the minority. You are.

Yes, we are a global minority. That is why we must ensure our survival.

A transgender socialist, “Contrapoints,” is in trouble for knowing about the work of Helmut Schoeck, who wrote about envy. If you’re not watching far-left YouTubers, it’s not important, but it shows that on the left, knowing about certain people or citing them favorably is a moral failing.

Another interesting exchange from leftist YouTube. Apparently, slaughtering whites is a topic for debate.

Critical Race Theory should be taught in school. Whites should learn that those in power oppress them. Those promoting CRT don’t understand that they are part of the ruling system, not rebels against some mythical pro-white Establishment. They’re on Twitter; we’re banned.

A progressive says the quiet part out loud:

A reminder that if white people couldn't vote, the US House map would look something like this


Even if you are a self-hating white who talks about “decolonialism,” you won’t get any credit.

A. H.

Just saw a white person call another white person ‘decolonial’ as an adjective as a compliment. As in, “you are beautiful and decolonial,” and no my fellow whites. Absolutely fucking not.

It’s worth reading. White leftists can grovel all they want; it won’t do them any good.

Finally, a refreshingly direct insult.

samer #SaveSheikJarrah

White people are truly a cancer everywhere they go

Clearly, it’s whites’ fault that South Africa is such a mess.



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