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According to TERFs, gender identity is either something socially contructed in a way that means most trans people have the histories of their birth sex and gender, nonexistent, or something that always relates to the initially assigned, presumed or physical sex in question.

Um, yeah. It's called reality, bub. Being trans isn't real. You were born a man, and you'll always be a man.

Trans people are considered appropriative in the way that certain people appropriate cultures or racial backgrounds.

Appropriating other people's struggles is all you've ever done. You're parasitic at this point.

Some TERFs believe that trans people are perverts in a harmful and nonconsensual way and that transitioning is just a way for men to gain access to women or straight women to gain access to gay men.

Perverts in a harmful and noncensensual way . . .as if there were some good way to be a pervert?

If you weren't transitioning to gain access to women and if this was really about your mental delusion that wearing a dress makes you a woman (it doesn't), then why don't "transwomen" ever demand access to spaces where women are older or at least less vulnerable?

Why don't "transwomen" ever demand access to a military barracks, an old ladies' church group, or a convent full of nuns? Because "transwomen" can't rape, harass, and prey on those women with impunity, and they have no desire to be around women who don't get thier "girl dick" hard. Women in prisons and homeless shelters and public restrooms are easier, younger, more desirable targets. But sure. Play dumb.

A man who puts on a dress and tells lesbians they have to fuck him or else they're a bigot is -- surprise! -- a pervert.

A man who gets a boner from wearing women's clothes is -- surprise! -- a pervert.

A man who tries to force the entire world to go along with his fetish is -- surprise! -- a pervert.

A man who gets off on invading women's spaces is -- surprise! -- a pervert.



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