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[Serious] Women are not as traumatized as they pretend to be about rape

Think about how many men women have sex with. By the time they're 25 years old they've had sex with 40+ people.

Do you really think that they're traumatized over the 41th dick that was forcefully inserted in her vagina? JFL

The only reason they act traumatized about rape is because THEY WANT TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE. They want you to feel sorry for her and give her what she wants because "muh raaaaape!" I have absolutely no empathy over women who have been forcefully sodomized by any male.

The only time when it's okay to have a little bit of empathy is if she was a virgin. Virgin girls haven't been ruined yet by Chad so the rape has done considerable damage to her value. She will never be as valuable as she was prior to her rape. Damaged goods forever.



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