Robert Stacy McCain #homophobia

Do these two women look like they need more carbohydrates? Are they so starved for calories that their access to baked goods constitutes an emergency requiring government intervention? Alas, these two Democrats in Oregon took advantage of a law against “discrimination” that makes it mandatory for bakers to provide cakes for obese women who want to marry each other. The U.S. Supreme Court disagreed

Common courtesy once forbade the civilized person from making mention of what is called “sexuality,” and you can call me old-fashioned, but I lament how the Left’s identity-politics agenda has ruined our manners as much as (or arguably more than) it has ruined our morality. Homosexuality and transvestitism are not recent inventions, but public discussion of such behaviors was once more or less prohibited. Nowadays, everyone is expected to “come out” and publicly proclaim their carnal appetites, their fetishes and “gender” delusions, and we’re all expected to applaud them for their courage in “coming out.”

So the fact that Rachel and her younger brother are both homosexuals, and that their parents divorced when they were young, is not something we can explore from the perspective of developmental psychology. Why? Because this might hurt their feelings. This quasi-therapeutic attitude of protecting the allegedly fragile self-esteem of Victims of Society is what justifies the Compulsory Approval Doctrine. We are supposed to believe that homosexuals are delicate creatures, emotional weaklings who are just one insult away from committing suicide, and therefore everyone must constantly applaud them for their courage.

Well, excuse me for not volunteering as an LGBT cheerleader, but it so happens that I know actual gay people, and in general they don’t seem to be suffering from a deficit of self-esteem. The real-life gay people I’ve actually known were not emotional basket cases, trapped in a slough of suicidal depression; quite the contrary, in fact. Exactly how this myth of gay victimhood became part of our cultural narrative is a subject worth studying, but my point is that this whole bake-me-a-cake business and the endless witch-hunt against “homophobia” is misguided, and contrary to First Amendment freedoms.



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