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spoiler<Sex between men, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox, new research suggests>

@SomeBitchIKnow Now extrapolate to the children who have contracted it.

@M0TL @SomeBitchIKnow And the dogs.


It's faggot pox!

@SomeBitchIKnow the only reason they push the skin to skin contact thing was because kids were getting sick after being sexually assaulted by homos. They don't want people knowing this. It's sick.

@SomeBitchIKnow They should call it what it really is…… the fag buttfuck pox. ( please forgive my crude language, but it’s a crude perverted act).

@SomeBitchIKnow I was around in 1983 When Fauci said HIV could be spread casually in the home or by heterosexual sexual contact.

The reality was that it was being spread by outrageously promiscuous gay sex. Even the Author of "And the Band Played On', a promiscuous gay man, admitted as much.

But Fauci cleared billions of funding over the years, so scientists, many who were on the left and sympathetic to gays, were all-in on the scheme.

Nothing ever changes. Just the scale.

@CleftCrusty @SomeBitchIKnow Exactly! Those of us that were around when AIDS became the first fake 'pandemic' ever, remember the lengths they went to in order to cover the simple FACT that it was gay men spreading it. Once it began coming up in the hetero population, notice how it became a non-issue? Soon, it was mostly 'just junkies and sluts' getting it, but we recall who started it. We also remember that Fauci was front and center then as well. The evil little troll needs to go.

@SomeBitchIKnow You mean it's an STD like people have been saying for months?



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