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RE: A prediction.

( stirfriedkailan )
I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but why are TIMs over-represented in tech/programming?

( [Deleted] )
In my experience it's an extension of toxic masculinity and incel culture. They are nerds who have grown up being bullied by jocks and "chads" and can't relate to their imaginary standard guy who likes sport and bbq, so they assume that they aren't men at all.

Some of them see affirmative action in tech firms and assume that women have it "easier" and others are just pornsick fetishists. Throw into the mix the fact that a lot of them are autistic or otherwise neurodivergent and you have the perfect environment to spawn Tim's.

( LadyLuck )
I remember looking at an Incel message board years ago and I think a lot of those guys have some form of dysmorphia. They would obsess over their chins or height when cleaning their rooms, getting a hobby and being considerate to potential partners would have taken them much further.

( NoDayForADo )
Because the autistic boys gets sucked into trans culture the same as the girls do.



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