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Your "aspie" community is nothing but nerdy folks tricked by the media and medical quackery. But you don't give a damn about truth when it gets in the way of your fantasies of being "special", even when that "specialness" is a manipulated bit of propaganda to get you on the side of those doing the manipulating.

YOUR president, who you apparently know so little about, that you use a manufactured insult that comes from talking heads on the side of the corporations that promote the lies of globalism. Those same lies which outsourced jobs from YOUR country, while pretending that they were improving it.

Not mine, if you'd been smart enough to actually read my profile - but of course, you're not a real high IQ type. You NEVER looked. You're a fraud who thinks he's smart as you parrot the lies of the manipulated crowd, the lies spoonfed to you everywhere which you NEVER got around to exercising the slightest scepticism about. You just "believed" and thought that parroting the same belief made you "smarter" than those who have been derided and attacked by globalist corporate media.

The rest of us are not limited to a few newspapers, a few TV networks, which are all owned by only a very few rich people whose interests are best served by pandering to the same agenda as the political authorities which they helped to get elected. We have choices now that we didn't have before. People have learned that almost everything which they were taught in the western nations is filled with propaganda, distortions about history, and continued lies in the corporate media. The rest of us are waking up and noticing when the bullshit we're being told isn't true, and the bullshit we're told NOT to believe actually IS true. When enemies of the common people are portrayed as the people you should be listening to, and the people who are fighting for truth and real change (not the fake kind like Obama promised - and didn't deliver as he sent the USA into more wars) are portrayed as the bad guys.

That "cheese puff" you have been nicely trained to dislike has not started even a single war since he became president. All of the sabre-rattling, all of the rhetoric done for show - and NOT ONE WAR STARTED. Yet you would believe the lie that he's a "war monger" no doubt. The "cheese puff" managed to create a situation in which more blacks and hispanics have jobs than at any previous time in USA history, with the lowest unemployment rate ever in their communities - but you'll call him a "racist" like a well-trained dog. Ring the bell, you do as your masters call you to do, without questioning, without scepticism, without the slightest doubt.

You're a sucker, and are in denial of how deeply you have been suckered.

I'm glad that I'm not living in your country because there are too many fucktard fools like you in it that only know how to be heavily indoctrinated NPCs

You let your ego get in the way of clear thinking.



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