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[Blackpill] [darktriadpill] Ted Bundy did nothing wrong

I've watched the Netflix movie, the tapes documentary, and I'm now reading Liz's book for more bundypills, and tbh, bundypill aside (check my last 2 threads, they're brutal), I think he did nothing wrong.

Life is, in itself, a power struggle, aka you're supposed to fight directly or indirectly, and he treated it as such. Actually everyone does, but most delude themselves while buying clothes or electronics made by exploited workers whose life is hell.

Morals aren't a thing outside of people's minds, there's really no code as to the way one should behave, as far as nature is concerned. In fact nature is ruthless af. This is a brutal realization: Since morals are only in people's minds, when no one's watching or you can't get caught, you decide what's right and wrong. If no one else is watching to judge, there's no ethical difference per se between torturing and raping a woman vs just taking a walk in the park, only you decide what's right.

Ted Bundy was the epitome of this imo, because he successfully pretended to be a cool guy (his jawline helped tbh, but that's a story for another bundypill thread), he was likeable, pretended to be a very good person, charismatic... The kind of person people assume "can't possibly" do those things. Because people, since they insist on believing the just world phallacy and that there's some sort of force ruling the world beyond the moral codes in their minds, tend to believe evil people are noticeably different, ugly and creepy, so we can spot them. Ted, if you watch the tapes documentary, defied this prejudice and used that to avoid getting caught, didn't give a SHIT that what he did was wrong, didnt feel guilt but also not even any shame about not being "normal", never felt bad about it, and in trials he was arrogant as fuck, almost as if he was thinking "who are you to punish me for what I did?". He was so darktriadpilled it's unbelievable.

PD: If you're interested I'm also planning on making another bundypill thread about how, if you have a good jawline, you can be confident, even a bit arrogant, and people will love that, but if you're short or ugly, they'll hate you unless you're submissive or a jester.



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