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[From "Is The Constitution Good?"]

The United States Constitution[…]is one of the greatest political documents of all time[…]Often viewed as sacrosanct by the American political Right[…]I did not state the Dissident Right[…]
When I refer to the term “great,” I mean something of enormity and importance[…]The definition of “good,” is one that refers to the Constitution’s ability to achieve the objects of its intended purpose[…]
The Constitution was not a document drafted to endure modernity. It was designed to be destroyed by it[…]
When James Madison likely conceived of the amendment idea[…]never likely considered the fact that blacks or women would have an equal say in the electoral process[…]
Non-White minorities and to a lesser extent, women, tend to vote in a manner that dismantles the very protections enshrined in the Constitution[…]
Women are made to seek assurances of safety by their feminine construct[…]For the majority of human existence, women relied on male and/or tribal protection[…]Women tend to gravitate toward popular political positions that provide safety in numbers[…]Beta males have women who vote leftist and alpha males generally do not[…]
Non-White[…]are engrained to seek immediate comforts to the exclusion of long-term possible gains. This is evident in their choices[…]
The invitation to participate in some aloof concept like “freedom of speech” or “protection from unlawful search and seizure” is foreign to people who derive from more primitive societies[…]
Neither Roger Sherman nor Richard Lee could have considered a leftist voting bloc of black Marxists, transgender psychopaths, and single twenty-something-year-old females voting to limit free speech or eliminating the right to bear arms[…]
I believe the Constitution is a great document[…]It is also deeply flawed. The Constitution will collapse



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