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I recently finished the second volume of Mein Kampf which spurred on some thought regarding the failure of the Third Reich. Although this story for me never fails to elicit strong emotions and sadness at the though of such a noble effort failing, I cannot ignore what Hitler did wrong in the eyes of God. I often wish I could go back in time and speak with Hitler, showing him the truth identity of the Germans and implore him to keep the laws of God. I'm sure he would easily have accepted CI given his strong devotions to Christianity and race.


Hitler's was well aware of the mongrelization of the Aryan race in other countries. He makes specific mention of France, Italy and Russia all being very mongrelized. In his foreign policy he is very anti-France and anti-Russia, which is good. However he has a particular affection for Benito Mussolini and his Italians. This is based on Mussolini's own opposition against the jew, but we know that even mongrels oppose jews. I'm not sure whether Mussolini was a mongrel or not, but his people certainly were mongrels in the majority. Scripture warns about alliances with mongrels, that we make no covenant with them, that we tear down their altars and that we utterly destroy them. After all, what communion does light have with darkness? This was definitely not a part of Hitler's policy in that he made alliances most notably with Italy and Japan, the former being a mostly mongrelized nation and the latter being a total pit of bastards. Even in Germany's attack on other countries the agenda was occupation of mongrels, not destruction of mongrels. John Hyrcanus made that same mistake by circumcising the Edomites, just as Hitler gave liberated mongrels Christianity. As Bill said in a recent podcast on Hebrews, "If you accept a mongrel then you accept his gods" (paraphrased)



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