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China bans any video game with
* Any non-gender conforming character
* Any gay relationship
* Effeminate men
* Any game where you have to make moral choices between good/bad

"If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised.”

China is serious about its culture war.

Serious countries don't whine about racism, sexism, etc.

The entire purpose of the American regime is to coddle the fragile feelings of women and minorities

That's why America is a laughing stock on the world stage

This is relevant to all of the low-IQ whining about Chinese influence on American box office

If Chinese tastes governed our entertainment industry, we'd be healthier and better off

If China keeps this up, the Globalist American Empire will declare war

A big part of American ruling class' hatred of Russia is that Russia is a major power that rejects the woke ideology at the core of American regime

Now that Xi's China is rejecting America's woke poison in key respects, interesting to see how this plays into cold war 2.0

Used to be conventional wisdom that Russian rejection of wokeness more threatening because Russia is plausibly European and therefore a model for Western nations

China's rejection wokeness could very well have an opposite net effect, in the sense that it could be used to dupe conservatives into partially defending wokeness out of anti-China "patriotism"

This would be the foreign policy equivalent of Dems are the real racists

Similarly, Cold War 2.0 against CCP can be used to dupe conservatives into rallying to defense of mil industrial complex that has essentially declared them domestic terrorists

Insane, yes. But I think you can always count on conservatives to be duped. It's what they live for!



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