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[RageFuel] The reason why holes shame men who try to surgerymax

Holes are dumb retards who are very easy to trick. They know that that if surgerymaxed men walked around then they would struggle to find real Chads.

If you are balding, short or belong to an inferior race, they want to see that in order to deem you as a subhuman. So they shame and humiliate us whenever we try to hide our inferior traits. This is why holes are always seething over surgerymaxed men because they know that those men will be able to pass on their inferior genes.

The employ numerous methods to prevent us from doing so -

Gaslighting - "Don't spend money on surgeries sweetie. You need to work on your personality."
Virtue signalling - "That guy who got a jaw surgery looks more approachable in his earlier pics. I would've totally dated him."
Humiliation - "Imagine spending thousands of dollars to increase your height just to get rejected because it was always your personality that mattered"
And when nothing works, Frustration - "I know you will get laid more after your surgery but remember this, women care more about what kind of a person you are rather than your looks. So enjoy all that meaningless sex while you can because you'll never find a woman to settle down with."

Don't listen to holes. They don't want us to ascend. Their purpose in life is to throw subhumans out of the genepool and they will go to any length to achieve it.



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