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[RageFuel] My dad was doing the dishes while my mom was browsing Instagram

I went to kitchen to get something to eat and there he was, wearing an apron and doing the dishes. And my mom was in the living room, lying on the couch and giggling through Instagram memes.

WHAT A FUCKING PATHETIC CUCK. He should be setting an example for me by dominating his woman but instead he has chose to be a cuck who slaves for his wife.

And after he was done, she didn't even express any gratitude, not even a simple thank you. She just asked him to do another chore. Its fucking ridiculous. How can he just stand there listening to her ordering him around???

This is the unspoken truth. Every single non-Chad married man worships his wife and slaves for her because he knows that she can replace him in the blink of an eye. AND I'D RATHER BE AN INCEL THAN MARRY A WHORE AND BECOME HER SLAVE.

Who is bringing home the paycheck? I wouldn't mind doing the chores if she is making significantly more money than me.

My dad earns a little bit more than her. And I don't care who earns more. Its a woman's job to do household chores. Men who do that are simps.

Luckily my mom does all the cooking and cleaning and other house related stuff.

Exactly how its supposed to be.



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