Neoih of the Pleiadean Collective via Family of Taygeta #ufo #magick

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

In This Brief Communication We Will Speak Of An Aspect Of Life That You Share On Your Planet!

Indeed, Many Stars Enjoy This Activity Of Games And Sports!

Although Earth Has Taken Sports To A Highly Competitive And Money Making Arena, The Purpose Of Sports Began As Fun For Everyone!

In The Pleiades, We Enjoy Many Activities. We Play Games, Fly In Body Form And Many Other Aspects That We Have Created To Share With Friends That Visit As Well As Pleasant Times With Our Family.

We Enjoy Playing Games With Teams, But It Is Not The Ego That Is Involved As On Earth, But Rather An Expression Of Joy!
From A Very Young Age, Children Are Flying In Body Form.

Often Groups Will Hold Hands And Run As They Lift Off And Fly Around The Area!

Many Fairies, Dragons And Horses With Wings Join Them! The Colors Are Beautiful From The Ground As Parents Watch Pink And Lavender Swirls And Listen To Giggles And Laughter As Blue And Pink Sparkles Are Sent From Fairies!

Children And Adults Enjoy Games That Involve Magic!

There Are Various Games That Incorporate Critical Thinking With Magic And Light!

Questions Are Asked And The Answer Brings Flashing Light If Correct!
We Have A Game That Would Be Like Basketball.

The Ball Glows With Light And We Fly Instead Of Running On The Ground.

We Never Touch But We Maneuver Throughout The Group Of Teams And Land The Ball In A Circle Of Light Placed High Over A Mountain.

This Is Repeated Many Times And Has Proven To Be Great Exercise!

With Our Abilities, Contact Sports Would Not Work Because We Simply Lift Off And Out Of The Way!
Soon We Will Unite Once More And All Of You Will Return To Experience The Joy You Had As Children In Timelessness.

‘You Must Become As Little Children’.

Be At Great Peace With The Joy That Lives Within!

I Love You So!



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