Persimmon64 #transphobia

A Letter to the TRA handmaidens

This is to you, you "trans allies," you "social justice warriors," you "be kind" cheerleaders, you "right side of history" proponents, you "human rights" champions. You women who put men's needs before your own.

"Woman" is not a feeling. It is not a costume to be put on or taken off, it is not adherence to or identification with sexist stereotypes. "Woman" is not an identity that can be assumed. It is not a brain scan or a hormone level. "Woman" is not a solution to depression, loneliness, or ostracization. "Woman" is not a shield from mistreatment or bullying. "Woman" is not a cure for homosexuality. "Woman" is not a smokescreen to hide sexual fetishes and paraphilias. "Woman" is not a ticket to praise and affirmation, awards and distinctions. "Woman" is not arbitrary. It is not a choice. It is not temporary. It is not fluid. A woman is a biological reality. It is a physical state of being. It is immutable and constant. A woman is a human being. A woman is an adult. A woman is female.


Misogyny is not mistreatment based on the way we dress, the way we wear our hair, or the amount of makeup we put on. It is not based on our sexual attractions or our hobbies. It's not based on the depth of our voice, our weight, or our height. It's not based on how caring, gentle, or nurturing we are. It's not based on how pretty we look or how high we can sing. It is not based on our legal names or whether we have an M or F on our IDs. It is not based on whether we call ourselves by a word with one syllable or two, two letters or three. We experience misogyny because we are female. Males do not experience misogyny. Males cannot experience misogyny. Transwomen are male. Transwomen are men.

Where do you see the injustice towards these men who claim to be women in society? Is it the fact that males are required to participate in male athletics? Is it the fact that males are required to use male facilities? That males are sent to male prisons? Is it that males are prohibited from winning female awards, entering female spaces, and being recorded in female statistics? [...]



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