Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

There is no such thing as covid-19. This is a total illusion.

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the latest in false flag technology!

From the people who brought you fake vaccines, fake school shootings and fake planes melting sky scrapers at free fall speed, the latest in false flag technology is here at last.

And to ensure maximum effect like showing 2 buildings melt in NYC 19 years ago, in SF right now, the most brainwashed people on the planet are sheltering in place except for the fact that they can go to the grocery store, take the pets out and go to the pharmacy and if they work in the health field, they get a hall pass...

Because viruses have a sneeze radius of 6 feet and only old people die from the flu but everyone take off the rest of the semester from school because 20 year 4 to 24 year olds who don't die from the flu are in danger of getting the dreaded Chinese B Acting face falling bug.

Pah - leez!

This is all complete and total horsecrap.

Yeah, there's a gnarly little fever going around that lasts about a day and a half and you can kill it with wormwood. Everything else is horse shit!

They know a lot of us are waking up and they are afraid the rest of us WILL wake they do what they always do...add a little fear into their reality so that they have one more shared trauma in their shared illusory reality to bond to each other and the TV and the latest from the talking heads on TV and the powers that direct...

Should we shelter in place? Suck it. Go out and sit in the sunshine. Laugh. Dance. Tell a joke.

Remember the idiots in North Korea fake crying when their leader died....

That's what we look like right now sitting on eggshells waiting for directions....

Should I stock more toilet paper? Oh no, what do I do?

Buy a $5 beday to spray your asshole with and hook it up to the splitter at the water feed at the base of your toilet...Problem solved.

Quit brushing your teeth with fluoride.

They are crashing the market and buying it all back up again and giving a nice chunk of money to their defense contractor who launders their fucking tax's another big money grab for the rich.

AAAAAhhhh….here come the needles with the's a clue....if somebody pulls out a needle and you don't want it stuck in you, run them over with your fucking Chevy and don't look back.

Woooo hoooo!



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