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can't be a black man without them making chim noise

You are delusional. We may be racist (meaning not that we are bloodthirsty barbarians who want to genocide/enslave africans, but we just don't want to have a lot of them here and do not want them to assimilate in our society) but we are not that dumb. I live in Moscow and when i go out i sometimes see 1-3 black people a day (sometimes even 5 a day). No one just randomly makes chimp noises at them.

Im not against blacks learning here and then returning home to improve things there. Although there must be boundaries, like dating local girls must be the taboo.

Why tho?

A lot of reasons:

Why would we let foreign races dilute our gene pool? Makes no sense.

Mixed children have some serious identity issues. Just imagine that you are living in society where no one looks like you.

Much higher risk father will fuck off back to homeland as soon as a child is born. May be earlier.

Most people of color will kill you for being gay in countries I don’t want to mention, because of one specific religion.

What happened in western society is that some people are okay with your error. They say to you that you can become one with same gender physically, emotionally and socially. They say that gender is irrelevant. You can have stolen valor and pretend that you are another gender.

Why the fuck do you even want to prove it to him that we are actually ok with gays and transgenders? It's not a bad thing we hav few of them and they don't feel confident enough to spread their ideology.



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