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[Debate topic: “Should pedophilia be legal?”]

If people can be attracted to plastic cups they can be attracted to small humans People are attracted to all kinds of things. BDSM, Vore, Scat, Gore, Piss, Inflation, And all this is legal.

To me the attraction to children is far more normal than most fetishes since it's just very vanilla in comparison. They are humans just smaller, They have bodies just like we do. It's fine.

It should be legal as its was normal throughout centuries after centuries and suddenly it's a taboo Kids starts feeling a sexual attraction towards people and love sees no age it's a normal human thing. Sex is also good for the immune system. ... Oh kids can't consent absolute rubbish if they can choose between KFC and burger king they are well and capable to choose if or not to have sex. Forcing should be illigal regardless of age

Yes it should be legal because criminalizing pedophilia is like criminalizing homosexuality. It took a while for society to accept it, And we still don't. Age is just a number. You can't measure maturity because it solely depends on the child. ...

It should be ...
Children can get into trouble for lying, Stealing, Wagging school, Shop lifting etc. . . . They Knew what they were doing.
But when it comes to sexual stuff. . . OH they suddenly don’t know what they are doing and can’t consent. What a load of rubbish.

What about other sexualities? What about having sex with animals? Will that be legalized? You've already normalized homosexuality, Where the reality is that many get AIDS, And people who chop off their own genitals because they feel out of place in their gender. Why stop now? KEEP GOING YOU STUPID TURDS, KEEP IT UP. WOULD YOU FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH LEGALIZING PEDOPHELIA FIRST OR BEASTIALITY FIRST? KEEP GOING! FUCK YOU



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