Deleted member 33829 and GaryFromSpongebob #crackpot #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist

16F innocent child posts a selfie on reddit

( Deleted member 33829 )


Hope none of you guys let your eyes wonder, shes clearly so innocent, probably still doesnt even know what sex is

Pedo if you felt any different than looking at a picture of a silver toyota corolla

Women don't even mentally mature past 14 years old. There's no mental difference between a 14 year old teenager and a 35 year old roastie. "Life experience"≠ maturity. The only actual difference anyone can find is that one is fertile and somewhat capable of pairbonding and the other is a infertile and a utterly worthless whore.


Daily reminder they destroyed a men's life for getting nudes from a 17 and a half year old when he was 19
Daily reminder they want sub 8 men to marry 35 year old roasties while 15-18 year old foids are allowed to date with 20-25 y/o chads and ''explore their sexuality''

( GaryFromSpongebob )

I honestly get disturbed with all these pretty women surrounding our daily lives (now they invaded the fucking internet too). I basically try to stick at home mostly , main reason being getting extremely depressed just by seeing a pretty girl.

I think I just turned myself into a wild animal, I start to see their necks and imagine myself having rough sex with her, my hand around her neck , even biting their necks.

So I just stare down when I get out of home. Thankfully I don't have a sister, because after so many years of accumulated sexual frustration, I would be looking at her ass daily. It may sound disturbing, but this is just our body saying: "no more dude, we can't handle this shit no more".



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