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This is yet another example of how someone can get completely misinformed by a random place on the internet and then carry a false view of something without having clue of what it actually is, virtually every single time that angels appear to humans in the Bible (ex Genesis, Daniel, Job, Isaiah, Matthew, Luke, Jude, Revelation etc) they are always described as regular young human males with no wings, just a little more impressive than us, they are neither weird creatures with wheels nor viktorian supermodels with wings nor little babies.

Also it is really ironic how the author tries to bash the largest and most diverse system in the world (Christianity) which gave us everything that we have today, while at the same time having blind faith in atheism/darwinism which is the most dangerous, and miserable religious system that anyone can ever hold to, which brought nothing and gave only genocide (fascist regimes) and madness.

There is a reason why atheists have always been the angriest, most bitter and most miserable minority of neckbeards, with the lowest birth rates and highest suicide rates, because they have blidn faith on a religion that offers nothing but takes away everything, including your own personhood and all of these nonsense due to your guilt.



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