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RE: Majority the Trans supporting comments on reddit are from either TiMs themselves, or bot accounts

( Calidris )
I realized the grasp the TIMs have on reddit is thin as fuck when super straight became a thing. There has rarely been a subreddit that ballooned that fast, was that active, AND that civil. For the short time it existed I experienced almost no sexism there, while TIMs are basically misogynistic whenever they open their mouths. Most normies on reddit are secretly sick of the transgender movement, several subs discuss the topic with emojis such as 🚂 because they get banned less fast.

Also whenever a trans subject comes into the more mainstream subs, the normies are falling over themselves saying they would never date a trans person, to the chagrin of TIMs and TIFs.


( Alalies )
We should start our own bots! One of the early comments on Reddit that got me thinking was that TIMs maintain male pattern criminality post-transition. I really think data like that should be more well-known.

( RusticTroglodyte )
At the risk of sounding mean,I don't understand how anyone could not know that or be surprised by it. It makes no sense that just saying "I'm a lady hehe" somehow changes male pattern criminality. I know we need studies like that for rabid TRAs but they seem so pointless.

( VestalVirgin )
Well, they're men.

You really need to be extremely brainwashed to think that men who demand access to womens' private spaces might be less dangerous than men who don't do that.

( Sheva )
That’s the thing. Usually you spot a bot straight away when they harp on about only one thing and nothing else. However, with TIMs, being a TIM is literally their whole existence for most of them. This makes it MUCH easier for the bots to hide in plain sight too. It’s literally so easy to mimic a TIM accurately. Ironic because they struggle so hard trying to mimic us.

( drdeeisback )
That's really interesting - I wonder who thinks it's worthwhile to spend money on bots amplifying gender ideology?



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