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[WARNING] The time when I almost incestmaxxed.

This is probably weird af to everyone but i'm proud of it.

I tried incestmaxxing with my MOM.

I don't have a sister and I'm much more closer to my mom then to anyone else. I'm not attracted to my mom as like relationship wise, gf wise. That would be weird af. I'm only attracted to her sexually.

Her boyfriend's son is a complete douchebag. We go to summer vacation each year, but this fucking trash ass kid wanted to come with us. My mom and her boyfriend didn't declined it. My summer vacation got ruined, and I told my mom so many times that I'm not going.

I told her that I'll go if I get to try out sex with her. She was really shocked at first, but i explained why I asked her, what benefits we get from it etc. She calmed down, and said she'll think about it. Next day she said: "Ok, we can do it at night."

I was gassed af, so happy, incestmaxxing worked right?

NOPE I just got baited. Night came, nothing happened. Next day. Nothing. Again, night came, nothing. Next day i asked her wtf. She said that "actually we can't do it because there is chances for infections." I was like bruh, it's not going to happen. Anyway in hope that if I go to the vacation with that dumbass kid, she gonna let me do it there. Boy was I wrong. Basically I went there for no fucking reason.

And this was the story where I almost ascended, but got mogged off instead.

Btw I'm still proud of it, because it takes so much bravery to try incestmaxxing with obviously getting consent first. This was the most maddest thing I have done in my life, but I felt this way for years, and that I finally opened up felt great.

People here with sisters tho, try incestmaxxing



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