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[Regarding the current state of the USA]

Over the past few years, we have transitioned to Libertarian Communism, or “neo-Communism,” which combines Libertarianism, socialism, Wall Street style refinancialization, and the authority enforcement of the SJW/Antifa wing as well as the propaganda organ of Big Media and Big Tech combined.

This shows Communism mutating and evolving, much like COVID-19. It aims more for stability. Driven by the engine of free markets, steered to provide massive amounts of capital, it then allows for the borrowing required to keep socialism afloat and uses Communist-style anarcho-totalitarian control methods like ostracism, deplatforming, gaslighting, and mobbing to control the population.

The Libertarian Communist state, by the nature of the worker’s movements that are its ancestor, wants to take over the world. It sees its ultimate goal as joining all nations in the same system, united by the same market, and organized by the ideology of Libertarian Communism, although they may eventually shift to full Communism because ultimately, their symbolic belief system forces them to crave total enforced equality at all times. This arises from the appeal of the belief system itself, in that it promises the individual a defense against loss of social standing through the insistence on equality, essentially abolishing all hierarchy in favor of a centralized system where all but a very few are the same in power, wealth, and status.

As members of a relatively newly Libertarian Communist state in America, we find ourselves in the beginning of this process, but the high degree of diversity in America has increased instability and therefore accelerated it. We have a choice to turn back now, but it requires rejecting the root of Libertarianism Communism, which is its two forms of “freedom”: subsidies and anarchy.



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