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Psychopaths share these qualities:

Believe in atheism/evolution.
Usually above average intelligence, but not always. Anyone who has the ability to comprehend the philosophical implications of atheism/evolution is capable of becoming psychopaths.
High self-esteem and narcissism: They view themselves as smarter, "the evolutionary man of the future", ahead of their time, better than others.


A psychopath is anyone who has make themselves their own standard of authority. Evolutionary theory, atheism and humanism have created fertile ground for a large crop of psychopaths to germinate, grow and come to maturity. Most of them are not really dangerous, but they have adopted their own personal version of morals and made themselves their own god. Whatever they have decided is ok to do, is ok to do! They can murder, and it doesn't bother them because after all, they kill mosquitoes and rats and cows all the time. Man is just another animal.

Psychopaths not only believe in the theory of evolution, they have understood its implications for the purpose and meaning of the existence of man. Since there is no God, then all morals are determined by the collective agreement of mankind. There really is no such thing as right or wrong, since sin is defined by a God they do not believe in. Sure society has rules, taboos etc, but they are smart enough and perceptive enough to notice that these rules are changing. Whereas adultery and homosexuality was once a capital offence, today it is openly promoted. A psychopath is someone who is lived in a time when adultery was a capital offence, but was able to look ahead to the present time when he realized adultery would be the norm and accepted without consequence. Living in a time when adulterers were stoned in the public square, they are able to look forward to the present time when TV commercial openly say, "Life is short, Live it up, Have an affair, Call us today." A psychopath is able to do things others view as wrong and it does not bother them because they believe that whatever they have personally decided is right, is right and they don't care if others have determined it is wrong.

They can murder, and it doesn't bother them because after all, they kill mosquitoes and rats and cows all the time. Man is just another animal. We are only here by random changes and have not real purpose. They have comprehended that the animals they kill suffer just as much as men. They have noticed that social animals that live in communities, like Meerkats experience depression when they kill one of the pack members. They notice that animals and man both grieve over the "death of a loved one". Since Darwin and humanists teach that man is just an "animal", if you can kill an animal, you can kill a man. If killing mosquito, rat, cow, chicken, fish, meerkat, lion or dog doesn't bother you, why would it bother you to kill a man? This is actually very rational thinking.


You would think the psychiatry industry could make a lot of money off psychopaths. In fact the psychiatry industry do not treat the various psychopathic personality disorders since they understand they cannot be fixed and are determined to be untreatable. They have also discovered that no matter what they try, nothing changes the psychopath into a "normal person". The reason the psychiatry industry cannot fix the psychopath, is because they are unwilling to do the only thing that would cure them: Attempt to convert their belief system from atheism into Christianity. Until you address the underlying "faith" of the psychopath from atheistic Darwinism, into bowing down in worship to their God and creator, Jesus Christ, there is no hope for the psychopath.


It is impossible for a psychopath to be a Christian. Indeed they are usually atheists! They view themselves as their own highest power and god!
When mentally ill people confess their sins to Jesus and repent of their sinful lives and put their faith and trust in God, they will be almost instantly cured of mental illness. Why not visit a good, Bible believing our local church in your own home town.

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Falun Gong is a false religion and their converts should enjoy freedom of religion. Other Eastern religions and communism are the ones who are persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners should thank Christians for their freedom in the west. Freedom of expression is a fruit of Christianity. Unlike Islam, who kills Christians that openly preach Jesus died and rose from the dead, Christians are tolerant. Communism is the fruit of the mystical pagan eastern religions. Democracy is the fruit of Christianity. Persecution, torture and murder are the fruit of the eastern religions from which Falun Gong had its recent origin. From a social point of view, Falun Gong is harmless. If they want to believe some 45 year old Asian guy with a new exercise video is their God... then let them believe it. Leave them alone, let them worship their man made God in peace. But let Falun Gong practitioners thank Christians for granting them freedom on the West. Christians are persecuted, jailed, tortured and killed in the places where eastern religions dominate, like China.

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Let none be deceived; the basic appeal of the modern dance, as admitted even by its proponents, has its foundation in human passion, Obviously, not every person who engages in dancing ends up a prostitute or fornicator, yet many who have come to immoral ends began their journey by way of the dance.

Let none be deceived, the fruit of the modern dance has never increased purity and spirituality, but the destruction of all that relates to human happiness and eternal salvation.

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"I would like to teach you in 5 minutes everything you will ever need to know about being a psychologist. [ . . . ] I would also like to teach you about the therapeutic counseling technic called (WWJD)"

This young woman was a Christian who knew her Bible well. She raised her hand and asked the professor to address the class.

[ . . . ]

"Just as you know how to speak without knowing the names of the grammatical rules, so too, you already know how to counsel without learning the names of the 12 therapeutic counseling techniques. [ . . . ] Everyone already knows how to counsel, even if they have never learned the fancy scientistic words and phrases that dissect a complete process into partitioned, distinct little irrelevant pigeon holes."

Agitated, the professor interrupts, "care to give an example for the class"?

"Sure" she says, "Yesterday I had a 30 minute "Cognitive-Behavioral therapy session" with my five year old son.... when I sent him to the time out chair."

Her girlfriend in the audience raises her hand and asks, "You mean Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is when we were disciplined by our parents as children?"

"Yes" she answers. "But you won't learn that till 4th year."

"In fact", she continues, "I routinely combine Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with Freudian Free Association Therapy (FFAT), when I rattled the wooden spoons in the kitchen drawer as a warning to my disobedient tot. When he hears the sound, he automatically "associates" his last spanking with a wooden spoon and immediately stops the bad behaviour. Wow! Who would have ever thought all young mothers were smart enough to combine these techniques only taught in post graduate psychotherapy courses?"

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1. Just because suicide is a sin, this does not mean we should restrict an individual's free to kill themself. Suicide is a behaviour choice, just like any other sin.
2. No one should ever be committed to a psychiatric ward for threatened or unsuccessfully executed suicide attempts. Statistics show, that if someone has been committed involuntarily to an asylum and they really want to kill themselves, they simply "play nice" to get released, then commit suicide.

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It is clear from the scriptures that God calls upon individual Christians to diagnose and help the mentally ill. Keep in mind that all the major "psychologists" than "psychiatrists" of history were atheistic humanists who believed in evolution and that man was nothing but a pile of chemicals! The tree of psychiatry is rotten down to the root!

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Does God Really Exist?
We should understand from the beginning that God's existence is completely unaffected by man's opinion of Him. Man's denial does not lessen the reality of God's existence, nor does man's belief prove that He is. Many have let others turn them from a belief in God, without carefully studying all of the evidence in the case.

But Where Shall We Begin?

If God has revealed Himself in nature, then in nature there must be some trace of God. If God has revealed Himself in the Bible, then we must also examine its Pages for whatever proof of God we can find. Let's first turn to nature in our search, and then we shall turn to the Bible. Let's start with the world that is already here, and the life that already exists. Our world and the life that is therein must have had an origin. There must have been a time when these things first came to be, for their presence cries out for an explanation.

Many theories have been advanced, but what is the most logical explanation? It is generally understood by all that the world has not always been there. How did it get here? Was it created, or did it evolve from something else? If it was created, who created it? If it evolved, from what did it evolve, and how do you account for such a process? There was a time when something had to appear which never before existed, or something has always existed. If something once appeared which never before existed, what was it? What caused it to appear? If something has always existed, what was that? Was it life, or was it matter? If it was matter, then life came out of non-life. How did this happen? What explanation can be given for such a unique occurrence?

Life, as we know it, brings forth life. Man, an intelligent being, with his scientific knowledge, and under the best of laboratory conditions, has tried, but has been unable, as yet, to produce life from non-life. Is it thinkable, then, that, somewhere along the way, non-intelligent matter, by itself, and without any help from any intellect, once brought forth life from non-life? Is this a plausible explanation for the beginning of life? This spontaneous generation of life coming from non-life would be by far a greater miracle than any we have ever heard of.

On the other hand, if it was life that always existed, then there must have always been a Supreme Being! Shall we say, "In the beginning God created", or "In the beginning matter brought forth life"? Which is more reasonable to believe?

Could the world have come into existence by accident or chance? This would be mere assumption, and an unreasonable one at that. Someone has said, "It would be just as logical to believe that Webster's Unabridged Dictionary resulted from an explosion in a print shop, as to believe that the world came into existence by chance or coincidence".

What about the process of evolution? Again, we are back to the same question, namely, what was the beginning of such a process, and what caused the process to start? There just had to be a beginning, and with what did the world begin? Where did that, from which everything else evolved, come from in the first place? The theory of evolution is not a satisfactory explanation. The disbeliever has more difficulty in rejecting God than the believer has in accepting Him. The disbeliever must assume three times more than the believer, for he assumes that such a thing as matter existed, that force existed, and that force acted upon matter; whereas the Christian has one premise upon which he builds his faith, namely, that an eternal God brought about life and all things.

Some have discarded a belief in God on the ground that they have never seen Him, nor has He appeared to them through any other of the five senses. On the same ground, what about a man's mind? Has anyone ever seen a man's mind? Can you prove through any of the five senses that man has a mind? To rule out God on this ground would be to rule out the fact that man has a mind. In the same way, it is not possible to prove a mother's love by using a slide-rule or a computer, but the fact that such things cannot be proven in this way does not show that they are not true.

Since God created the universe and all of the natural laws which govern the universe, it is obvious that God himself is not limited or bound by any of these laws. Matter, regardless of circumstance, is bound to respond to the Law of Gravity, but God is not limited in such fashion.

Since scientific proof in the commonly understood sense depends for its evidence upon the fact that all matter is subject to natural law, it is clear that

we would not use the same approach in proving the existence of God as we would in working a problem in physics, any more than we would prove the existence of a mother's love with an adding maching. God has, however, left throughout the universe, numerous indications of his existence (Psalms 19:1-3).

The Bible claims to reveal God and to be a revelation from God. It claims to give an accurate account of the way the world came into being. Can these claims

be substantiated? If not, surely they can be disproved. But, men have tried every way imaginable to disprove the Bible and have miserably failed. Many theories have been advanced which are in conflict with the Bible account of creation, but not one of these theories has been proved. If the Bible is wrong, and some other explanation is right, why can't such be proved? The Bible brings to us the most reasonable conclusions of all.

Let the Bible be disproved, and its account of creation will fall; otherwise, the only true explanation we have for the way things came to be is that there is a God who created all things. The Psalmist once said, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God" (Psalms 14:1). in light of all that has been said, and the evidence thus given, how foolish to say "There is no God", since the Bible explanations of the creation is far more logical than any other ever advanced.

Does God really exist? Rather, How could it be that He does not exist?!!!

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Meet Mrs. Jones...

Mrs. Jones is a sweet elderly lady, now confined to a wheel chair. You would be glad to have her as your next door neighbour. In the above picture, Mrs. Jones, is seen having just convinced the unsuspecting nurse that Jesus Christ was a myth. But Mrs. Jones is at her best when she gives out her home baked treats to the neighbourhood children, as she teaches them that Jesus Christ never lived. You see, Mrs. Jones is an atheist! She is also one of millions of antichrists living in the world today.

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Wives commanded to submit to un-Christ-like husbands:
A. The wife must submit to her abusive husband "in the same way" that a slave submits to an abusive master: 1 Peter 2:18 + 3:1
B. No husband is sinless and if a wife need not obey her husband because he sins, it effectively nullifies the command to submit.
C. Masters are to be just, fair, Col.4:1. But if not, submission is still required: 1 Peter 2:18