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Have I mentioned this before? The endgame of all the radical secular left activists is really only about one thing: the complete eradication and abolition of Christianity. That is their ultimate and major focus. They hate God and his people, and they know that only the complete destruction of the Christian church will allow them the complete freedom to carry out their nefarious agenda.

Of course if they came out and said all this in so many words, they might get a bit of pushback. So as with all activists, they resort to euphemisms and they change the language. They know full well that societal change must be preceded by verbal change. Change the terminology and you can change the culture.

So they speak about their agenda items in terms of ‘diversity’ and ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’. All that sounds pretty good – who would be opposed to those things? And of course anyone opposed to their militant mission is a bigot and intolerant and a hater.

Christians are the main haters in their view, and that means, among other things, that the Bible is full of hate speech. And now the activists have made it clear that even prayer is hateful! I kid you not. Consider what the pink mafia are up to in this regard in the UK

Bill Muehlenberg #homophobia #fundie billmuehlenberg.com

Let me start with the thing that drives the militants into a frenzied lather: ex-homosexuals. They hate these folks more than anyone on the planet because they give lie to the myth of ‘being born that way’. So many folks have been set free from the homosexual deathstyle, and the militants just hate these folks.

In the meantime, the thought police and tolerance thugs continue their war against dissenters. Consider this example from Colorado: “On Friday, Denver administrative law judge Robert Spence released a ruling that forces Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, to either make a wedding cake for two homosexual men who requested one or face fines and possible jail time.”

There it is: you will violate your conscience and become a promoter of homosexuality and political correctness, or the State will punish you big time. That is exactly where the West is heading – a homosexualist police state. As Al Maurer comments: “Forget the Christian beliefs of Phillips. Spence should have stopped his ruling at first blush. He said very directly that private businesses should not be able to refuse service to anyone — period.

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And the pejorative term “conversion” is a lot of baloney anyway. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. We are simply saying that if a person is pleading for help and counsel on unwanted same-sex attractions, he or she should be able to get it, and not be robbed of that choice.

But our tyrannical governments are now so utterly in bed with the militant activists, that they have declared war on freedom, and war on those offering much-needed and much-wanted help. People who want to “convert” from one sex to another (something that is physically impossible) are fully supported and assisted by governments, but those who want freedom in other areas are denied it.

The rainbow and trans fascists have already won. Governments are now doing their every bidding. This is the end of choice. This is the end of freedom. This is the end of tolerance. This is the end of diversity. Now the coercive state demands complete uniformity and conformity. All those who dare to resist WILL be punished.

Yet the activists and the rainbow State are fully in favour of conversion anyway. They want to convert everyone to their radical secular left worldview and ideology. They are seeking to convert ordinary citizens all the time. Everyone is in the conversion game.

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The homosexual invasion of the churches is everywhere. Every day that goes by we find another so-called Christian leader or pastor declaring that he is going to embrace the homosexual agenda and jettison the clear teachings of Scripture.

Of course they won't put it in those terms, but that is exactly what they are doing. They are rebelling against God, and effectively spitting in his face as they declare that they know better than God in regards to all things sexual. What God calls an abomination and depravity they call a "gift of God" and something to celebrate and flaunt.


When you call God a liar on the issue of homosexuality, and claim that you are being more loving, more compassionate, and more fair by embracing the sin of sodomy and sodomite marriage, then you have clearly declared your hand here. You have rebelled against God and the clear teachings of Scripture.

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The gaystapo are becoming unstoppable, and the Western world is going down the tubes fast. The way things are going the thought police will soon wander from house to house, snatching children away from their parents and forcing them to be raised by militant homosexuals, all in the name of tolerance and PC.

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Holland is part of what is known as the Low Countries (because of being near or under sea level). But Holland is not just low geographically. It is very low morally as well. Indeed, it has been in such a moral freefall over the past few decades that one wonders whether it can sink any further into the abyss.

Indeed, you have to hand it to the Dutch. When it comes to moral decadence, political correctness, and sheer madness, they have to be a world leader. Holland is already famous – or infamous – for its legal euthanasia, same-sex marriage, red-light districts, marijuana cafes, and so on.

It is arguably one of the most progressive – that is, regressive – nations on earth. Bear in mind however that much of this decadence and debauchery takes place in the cites – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague, etc. – and most rural Hollanders are also appalled at their urban cousins.

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'...we could support a register of same-sex unions only if it had the same status as perhaps a register of pedophiles so the government / community could monitor and administer this group of unrepentant sexually immoral people. We could add the rest of the sexually immoral who will not inherit the Kingdom of God, I will be courageous and say we could include those people who have married, divorced, remarried (MDR)...'

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Although homosexuals are relatively few in number, they more than make up for this as they continually push their agenda. They have cleverly and strategically got themselves placed in all the institutions of power and influence. They are well ensconced in the media, in academia, in groups like the [American Psychiatric Association] etc.

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So I can already see the secular thought police going from house to house, confiscating bibles and other dangerous literature, lighting bonfires on the streets, etc. What the Nazis did just a century ago will undoubtedly be repeated if some of the more militant atheists have their way.

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This deserves more thoughtful comment but my immediate reaction was, “Those who object to the Bible’s teaching should move to somewhere where it is banned.” USSR no longer exists but I have heard that owning a copy in North Korea is dangerous.

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Indeed, another secular author, Nicholas Kristof, puts it this way: gMoreover, for all the slaughters in the name of religion over the centuries, there is another side of the ledger. Every time I travel in the poorest parts of Africa, I see missionary hospitals that are the only source of assistance to desperate people. God may not help amputees sprout new limbs, but churches do galvanize their members to support soup kitchens, homeless shelters and clinics that otherwise would not exist. Religious constituencies have pushed for more action on AIDS, malaria, sex trafficking and Darfurfs genocide, and believers often give large proportions of their incomes to charities that are a lifeline to the neediest.h

I am not aware of any hospitals or charitable works set up by atheists. And never mind that many noted philosophers have pointed out that it was the Christian emphasis on reason that gave rise to modern science.

The work of Christ reconciling mankind to himself is the source. If you cut off the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, you cut off the very basis for love, forgiveness, peace and reonciliation. If you deny the supernatural, in other words, as Singer wants to do, you will simply not achieve the peace on earth bit.

But for billions of human beings, non-material things like truth, beauty, justice, love, and even God are very meaningful realities, which the narrow world of atheism will never fully enjoy nor understand.