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[not sure if its' racist or fundy but leaving it in the racist category as most of it falls squarely in that, had an agruement with the arsehole a while back so yeah]

Yes it is. You're using it to guilt trip whites into opening their borders to mass immigration for population replacement. Whenever these migrants have moved into European towns, sooner or later, they've driven out the European population and replaced the area with their own culture. Whites have now began fleeing California in massive numbers especially due to mass immigration there both legal and illegal.

You're now saying that America has no culture and that's why we should just let in anyone, despite the fact that many who are coming in are destroying the American dream. Don't give me that crap about there being no anti-white racism. Blacks are actually way more likely to commit hate crimes than Hispanic and non-Hispanic whites combined. For starters, Don Lemon also claimed that we shouldn't demonize people but then turned right around and said that white people are the greatest threat to American society. That's racism. Plus there are multiple articles posted against white people by the mainstream media and the media always depicts them as the culprits and always depicts "muh poor black people" as the victims.
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That's racism. Yet some Mexi-chick has the gall to say that me speaking up for my own people is "muh racism."
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Apartheid and segregation are not the same as having a separate ethno-state you idiot. An ethno-state is where one race or ethnicity is the only race or ethnicity allowed to live which I support. Apartheid and segregation is where one race is treated as superior to the other and that is what I oppose. When times got bad, total separation worked for the Croats, Bosnians, Slovenians, and Macedonians who used to form the nation of Yugoslavia, so don't tell me that my ideal won't work.

Also, do a bit of research on La Raza, a group that wants to steal land from California all the way to Texas and give it back to Mexico. I'm sorry, how is that not colonization?

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(The subject in question is Vice-President Mike Pence and his crazy Dominioninst leanings)

One man crusade against women? Next he declared Jihad and blew himself up?

He perceives abortion as equal to the Holocaust in terms of evil; as do many Americans. You are shocked that he would take steps put restrictions on it? Again you didn't actually go into his beliefs or positions; you went into policy that you disagreed with him on and made a bunch of assumptions and leverage a whole bunch of hate.

Dominionist is a made up term by ignorant people who are fearmongering. There is no such thing. No more than there is a "War on Christmas". The term was coined in the 90's by rabid atheists who wanted to generate fear Christian influence in the government. I say that as someone who is agnostic and have no stance on religion.

"As a non-American"

And there it is. As a non-American your fears are irrelevant and pointless in this discussion as it is not your society or your people. Perhaps you should worry about your own people and government which is likely shitting all over your civil liberty and you are too busy "fearing" about a politican over seas with no real political power.

"he terrifies me just as much as Donald Trump does; the only difference is that no one knows what craziness is at work in Trump's mind, but we can predict - to a point - the craziness in Mike Pence's mind."

Your ignorance and bigoted positions should terrify you. Take the time to self reflect that you can't abide people who hold different political, philosophical, and moral positions than you. That speaks volumes about you; and little about the people you are screaming at. So before you start trying to even fix your own society; take the time to reflect inward. As trying to change the world around you before even having a solid foundation within is a sure way to cause diaster and conflict.

"Oh, and by the way, SANE people don't hear voices telling them what to do."

Sane people have a moral compass. Religious people feel that their spiritual figure be it Jesus, Mohamad, or God is helping guide that moral compass. Religious people spend their lives trying to live up to what their god perceives as good and just. Decent people don't go around telling people they are crazy because they hold religious beliefs. You could easily say "I disagree with the moral teachings of your religion, or at least parts of it" and work from there using critical thinking and rational arguments.

But instead let us just spew hate and project evil onto those people while making vast generalizations about them and their intentions. Don't be controlled by your emotions. The more decisions you make based on emotions the more likely you are being manipulated; and you are clearly being manipulated by specific political interests here.

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You missed a lot of crucial movies that proove the Satanism and immoral perversions of disney

Princess and the Frog: 
IN this movie, the black people act almost as if they are white people's equeals. Charolet, the white girl, lets her black girl tiana talk without speaking, marry her prince, and charolett even tries to cheer tiana up when she's sad. why is charolet letting her black person act like that, instead of saying, "Shut up and get me somce ice tea already!" 

An American Tail: 
The mice are JEWS!

This movie is supposedly about hte daughter of Nicholas II, yet the movie fails to address the tzar's most greatest victory--his army burning jew villaiges in russian and poland. Also, the princess marries a kitchen boy, instead of a rich guy. that ain't right. 

The Prince Of Egypt: 
MORE fracking Jews!

Sleeping Beauty:
Never mind the witchcraft...look at the horrible behaviors this movie encourages in women! First, there's the idea that three women can raise a child well on theri own, with no man tio run the houselhold. Second, when they try to arrange a marriage for her, the princess ignores it, and goes OUTSIDE, on her OWN, and TALKS TO A MAN! This promiscuous, slutty, abhorent behavior is never even punished. There's also a scene wehre the two kings get drunk, a clear sin.

The Road to El Dorado: 
Let's get hte obvious out of hte way first: MIguel and Tulio are obviously gay. Later, Tulio leave s his gay lover, for a healthy, natural, holy, heterosexual relationship....only, it's with a woman who is MEXICAN! OR Korean...or Apache...or...........something weird. She's darker than my coffe, and that makes her bad for marriage. Oh, and she dresses like a slut, thinking it's okay to prance around in a two-piece bathing suit just becauese she lives in 300 degreee weather. Whore. 

The pet lizard Pastel is a reptile, like the Serpent. Rapunzel lives in a peacful tower with everything she wants, safe away from sin, just like Eve in the Garden of Eden. The lizard leads her out of her tower (like the serpent) to...A MAN. And at the end, she and the man get married, which can only mean that shortly after, they will shag. The movie presents this Fall of Eden metaphore as a GOOD THING, like it's GOOD to have sex and make babies, when really, all babies are born from sin and should feel guilty.

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Actually, teens (14-17) are sexually adults, the liberal elite just punishes people who fuck them because they're embarrassed by their own sexuality because they're insecure cowards and it makes them feel better about themselves by punishing others with less power than them for having sex. They call teen sex pedophilia because people rightfully hate pedophilia and the commoners are too stupid for higher thought like the kind needed for looking at the simple biology that proves teens are capable of sex. We just can't have sex with them because the government is more corrupt than the metal plating a car in a wasteland for 80 years and they send us to prison for it. It has no moral consequences, just legal ones.

Aside from that, it was an analogy. You say that men cannot decide what women can and can't do when it comes to hurting fetuses because men can't feel the pain from fetuses. (Excluding the possible "child support" that will come later which isn't really about taking care of the child, it's just a lie the liberal politicians created because it sounds better than "take money away from innocent men and give it to evil women support". After "child support" is through with a man, he'll be eating out of garbage cans and living in his car.) But normal people can't feel sexual attraction to children, so they have no idea how umm "painful" resisting those urges are, so shouldn't only the pedophiles get a say in it because only they understand the pain? That makes just as much logical sense as only women getting a say in abortion. Neither molesting children nor abortion should be legal.

No ordinary commoner should have the right to decide when it's time to kill someone outside of self-defense. That stuff is always up to the government to decide. Also, sperm can be made into a baby, but a fetus is a baby in progress. Something in progress has equal value, a raw material does not. You wouldn't be charged with burning down a home for burning down a tree, but you would if you burned down a home being built.

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That isn't what happened, but it is undeniable that women do naturally go for bad boys...no, no sugar-coating it, evil people. Of course, women never properly evolved to the new standard of living, so to them, going for an evil person is perfectly reasonable. When it came down to life prior to society, reproducing went as follows: Bash a man on the head with a club while he bashes you on your head back until one of you dies, the winner gets the girl. Of course, a nice guy...no, no insulting him, a good person, is more likely to try and talk his way out of fighting and maybe sharing the girls only to lose the first strike and be put at a disadvantage in the club bashing battle. For millions of years, alpha male systems have been used to benefit many species by promoting the most desirable male for the current situation's genes across all females. This system was once used by humans too and it in and of itself isn't evil as some would argue that it helped quality life to flourish. But the thing is, you can't fuck with men. Men aren't fucking cows that will stand around and watch one man get all the sex while they suffer. Men aren't elephants, bulls to be specific. (Bull means male elephant.) Even though one beta man may be no match for an alpha male, 20 of them put together can surely knock an alpha male to the northern lights. Beta men are the most shunned by society, but are ironically the strongest group of people ever conceived. I'm reminded of the Pixar movie a Bug's Life where the grasshoppers were bullying the ants and getting away with it because they were stronger, but the ants learned that they could tear the grasshoppers to shreds when they ganged up on them because they outnumber them a 100 to 1. A similar thing happened prior to recorded history when men, being the free thinkers that they are, decided to gang up on all the alpha males and split the women equally. Alpha males were outnumbered and women were "outarmored", so beta males had an easy victory. In the millennia following, men kept their strong hatred towards women burning. They were angry that women had heartlessly rejected them back in the age of alpha males and decided that enslavement, abuse and torture were the best ways to satisfy their anger. Women were tortured for doing one thing above all others though, trying to lust after an alpha male which was the source of the hatred thrown at them in the first place. Men would even go so far as to say that all women go to Hell or saw women down the middle for cheating, you can't make this shit up.

That style of life continued for thousands of years and no one really remembered why women are mistreated since the beta male revolution predated books. This is why women were liberated in the age of science because we were rethinking everything anyway and couldn't find a reason why women are tortured anyway. After all, women seem pretty loyal to beta males when it's the nerd's dick or the blade saw. But women had not changed in thousands of years since breeding was controlled and shared and we weren't that different than we were 50,000 years ago. Women have slowly begun to chase alpha males again and even though it hasn't taken full effect, it's growing pretty rapidly. Even though club bashing isn't how we do things anymore, a woman's primitive 10,000 year old instincts don't know better. That's why women like "bad boys". As in, evil people.

But those who don't know history are bound to repeat it as the old saying goes. I've seen it myself, men who have been rejected for various reasons are coming together, speaking of violent revolution against alpha males, (They call them "Chads".) speaking of sharing women, enslaving women, women being primitive, everything that the beta cavemen of yesterday did. They refer to themselves as "incels" and I'm well aware that you women openly mock them which is arguably the stupidest thing you can do. You laugh at them now, but they are 40,000 strong and rapidly growing. They will continue to grow and violently overthrow the governments of the world, turning you women back into slaves and no one will come to save you. This time, history will be recorded and men won't make the "mistake" of letting women have equal rights again. Your freedom of the time being is merely a pleasant dream in the harsh reality of your enslavement. You got a couple hundred year break, but it will come back to stay next time.

FYI: You won't even escape enslavement by leaving the planet since it will most likely be planet Mars that liberates men since travelers have a natural tendency to rebel. Mars will first liberate men and then Earth will follow the example. Like America and Europe.

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I've actually never been rejected, I just learned that I don't even want to try with women based on what I've observed on media over the last 20 years of my life spent in rural isolation. If you marry a woman, she will pretend to love you until you have as many kids as possible before she can't stand pretending that she actually loves someone and will then divorce you, taking your kids away from you never to be seen again and the "child support" payments (Studies have shown that only 25% of that money actually goes to the kids and the other 75% goes towards shoes and makeup.) will bankrupt you causing you to live in your car while you work two full-time jobs eating out of garbage cans and trying to save every penny you pick up off the street so you can buy a gun to end your suffering.

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Let's think why we can defend pedophilia:
1. It is not forbidden in the Bible, but encouraged.
2. It is proven a lot of people are made better because of it. The kids get pleasure and the pedos get satisfied.
3. The actual act would cause orgasms which probably are quite pleasurable. I've heard the younger you are, the more good you feel.
4. Some kids who have low self esteem would no longer because when someone tries to do something sexual to you, it proves they find you attractive.
5. A LOT of nations accept it or at least forms of it. Haiti, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, South Africa, etc. They must know something you don't.
6. Pedophilia does not cause STDS. If it did, then absolutely hate it with a passion.
7. People who defend perverted behaviour like homosexuality are hypocrites. Homos may be born that way, but pedos are without any doubt. Not to mention homos are notorious about defending what they do, and the ways they have sex cause a great, great risk for nasty STDS.
This is just my opinion, and if it offends you tough.

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A non-designer universe would look like nothing because that's what happens when you don't have a God to create an imbalance in your Big Bang and make it so there's less antimatter than matter. All your dumb mathematics and satanism/atheism have predicted that there should have been an equal amount of matter and antimatter. Something that clearly isn't true, but accepting the obvious fact of God's existence makes everything so clear.

Half-Baked Award

We must dough everything to prevent the emmernent extinction of the Wheat Race!

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Actually peodos can love the child. Your incorrect and should read more to the idea of "Raping a child is not love"

[[You sick fuck]]

You need proper education! Pedo's can love the child they are abusing.

[[That isn't love. It's lust.]]

It is love to some of them...There is a difference between child molesters and pedophiles. A child molester is often a stranger to the family. He is the one who targets a child he sees and often acts almost immediately on his impulse. He will grab the child, perform sexual acts, and sometimes will then murder the child...Pedophiles, on the other hand, genuinely like kids.

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I read a story...that said a pedophile sexually assaulted a 5 year old girl because she ignorantly climbed on his lap and bent over causing him to lose control of himself. She wouldn't have had that happen to her if she stayed off his lap is what that story says to me.

The little girl can be forgiven because she didn't know any better, but it proves that his actions were taken because he saw more of that little girl than he should have seen.

"Sick Fetish" Award

What the hell is wrong with you?!

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(This guy is guilty of sexism against BOTH sexes)

[[A women's body isn't a living sextoy...The rapist is ALWAYS to blame]]

So if someone is stupid enough to jump into a shark tank, the sharks are the only ones to blame if that person gets eaten? People who take stupid risks are to blame even if they aren't technically the ones that hurt themselves directly.

[[Except men aren't fucking sharks]]

How are men different than sharks? They're both mindless monsters that want to satisfy their urges. In case you didn't already know, I'm a man too. It's usually the victim's fault. That isn't our problem.

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Yes, magic is as real as the air we breathe. True, in the movies it is all faked, but they portray real stuff. If you so wanted to, you could learn all that evil stuff, but I advise against it. You’d be one who would be included in above verses. Fortunately God is giving grace now, thanks to Jesus. But it won’t last forever. When your life on Earth is finished, you are out of time. Got Jesus’ blood covering you, you get Heaven, don’t have it, you get hell. Choose before you die.

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Both evolutionists (usually atheists) and Creationists (Biblical Scientists) need faith. Jesus said so. The difference is one has faith God is an illusion; the other has faith in God. The problem is one is justified, the other not. Science confirms God’s existence. Let me explain.

The First Law of Thermodynamics says that matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Based on this law of science you must conclude the universe has always been here in some way, shape or form.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that all things are going downhill and decaying, going from more usable energy to less usable energy. We call this Entropy. Based on this law you most conclude that in an eternal universe, like the first law requires, we would now be in a heat death where all usable energy is no longer usable and everything is in a standstill. You’re forced to conclude this because in an eternal universe there has been infinite time before the now and it takes far less time than infinity to use all the energy. It only takes finite time.

So, if the universe cannot be eternal due to the second law, but it must be eternal based on the first law, then there is only one explanation: something, or someone who is outside the laws of this universe created it. That person has to be God.

For more, go to [link] .

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On the topic of magic, the hell is right on. Magic is demonic power. Yes, God isn’t the only supernatural power, but His power is not the same as magic. Magic is the devil's copy of God’s power. God is God and can do anything; satan is not god but thinks he is. Satan is after God’s throne and every time magic is used he gets a taste of it, as you are worshiping him instead of God. This is known as blasphemy. Idol worship. It is sin, and without Jesus’ forgiveness, it is punishable by death in the lake of fire.

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As for believing what people will, it is of course the truth. You have rejected the notion of having a Savior who loves you. You have rejected the notion that you will die a sinner in the Lake of Fire for eternity unless you admit you have sinned to God and repent. The door stands ready to receive you, Jesus wants to hug you and call you a Son of God. Accept or turn away, your only options. But, don’t say you were not warned.

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Thanks, I actually missed talking to you and our other friends when I had to lay around with my foot propped up! Oh, It makes me so indignant when I hear people say "Birds are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs!" Kentucky Fried T-Rex? I think not!! They even faked fossils to have feathers to prove their point(not the first time that was attempted, either,as in the case of the infamous "Piltdown Man")And it is true that "fowl" in the Biblical sense is a broader term than how we define it now.Just as some other herbivores are called "cattle"not just bovines.

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[ I think lgbt does deserve a day. I think that a large majority of gays are bullied, when most people who are short or fat or something probably aren't. I'm not saying we shouldn't support them, but thats what Pink Shirt day is for. Some people are killed for being gay and I think that the idea of revoking a holiday to support them would be a hate full thing to do. I do think that its important to stop bullying, but the group that gets the wort of it in my opinion is gays. Obviously in the US they are still not excepted in a few places. Its not even legal for them to marry in some places, so thats why they deserve a day. They get killed, bullied, fired, shunned, and they can't even marry. Things like that don't happen to someone who got bullied as a child for being fat. Imagine what it would be like if a law was made that prevented fat people from being married.Gays do deserve a day to themselves. You mentioned "religious, female, male, black, white, asian, short, fat, tall, thin". Sense when has anyone been killed for being religious, male, short, fat, thin, tall more than anyone else? People even praised for being all of those. Sure people are racist. But there also also days dedicated to being against racism, so I don't see why gays are any different and can't support that they can live in this country openly, honestly, and in the hope of doing so without punishment.

People who are gay have been tortured, killed, and worse. They have been thought to have been a disease and were forced to go through horrible things like shock therapy.

This day is to support equal rights- something gays don't have. Although there are people against all the other things you mentioned they all have equal rights. Its something gays don't have and something they need in order to make this a fare country. ]

Thousands of people are killed daily and all throughout history people are killed for their religious beliefs. I know several people personally who cannot tell me where they currently are or mention their religion for fear of being arrested and killed. You can look through history or even google some modern deeds for the other cases of such happenings with the other groups. What international holiday is there against racism? Please tell me, I would love to know about this.

That truly isn't any different from the others I have mentioned. There are millions of instances of people getting tortured, killed, etc. Like I said, they aren't special.

They can vote, they can work, they get equal pay, they have a right to arms, they have a right to have whatever religion they want, or lack there of, and to revere it in the way of their choosing, they can burn the flag, they can protest, they have every right.

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[ in response to an anti-spirit day stamp ]

I completely agree with you. I've been bullied throughout elementary school and middle school just because I have slight Asperger's. Seriously, how are gays the only people who are victims? What irritates me is that some gays whine and bitch about how "hard" their life is when we all should remember that there's sex trafficking, world hunger, etc. It ticks me off. The bullying has made me a stronger person. I'm not saying bullying is good but I developed thicker skin from it. Just remember that high school doesn't last forever. Sorry for the ranting. Rant over!

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[ You were bullied for being straight? Yeah, that's totally the same thing. >: Just like LGBT teens that are bullied and ostracized, you had no one to turn to in this society that is so against heterosexuals. You must have felt so isolated in an overwhelming homosexual culture that routinely teaches the younger generations to hate straight people for being born the way they are.

Okay seriously no, LGBT teen suicide is a /very serious/ problem that is steadily getting worse. Even if it focused on one group that is being bullied (and is being bullied /hard/), you don't support an end to the bullying of that group? Do you also get pissy when Black History month rolls around? Do you not support it? I mean, IT DOESN'T INCLUDE LATINOS. They're persecuted too. If we're going to follow your logic that EVERY awareness program must include EVERYONE, we should just make it 'Non white history month'. Boycott black history month, it's totes biased. >:< ]

was making a point in stating that. It irritates the crap out of me that this day was made for one group of people about a problem that affects EVERYONE. Everyone is bullied at some point in there life for some reason, it doesn't just affect LGBT. No, I don't get mad when Black History month comes around; why? Because it's about something that affected that specific group of people--the abolishment of slavery and the celebration of the accomplishments of people of that ethnicity.

[ I think it has a lot more to do with your general dislike of homosexuality than any good reasonI. :shrug: Would you be opposed to a 'Spirit Day' dedicated to kids committing suicide over racial bullying? What about 'Adopt a Shelter Dog' day? That doesn't include cats, so are you still pissed when all those sweet dogs get adopted? What about Breast Cancer awareness month? There's more than one type of cancer that affects patients. How about anxiety awareness week? There's more than one mental illness.

No one ever said it *just* effects LGBT. But the day was made in response to a string of suicides by LGBT teenagers- it's to honor them and prevent it from happening again. LGBT bullying is a /big fucking deal/ because the children affected by it live in a homophobic society and often, homophobic households. Unlike a straight kid or even a child of a minority race, they usually don't have a support system to turn to because of that; they can't open up to their families because they have to hide who they are. Having a voice- a day- raises a lot of awareness. That is a /good thing/. And there are plenty of anti-bullying programs that cover EVERY aspect of bullying; is it really so bad to have one dedicated to a specific type that happens to be very bad at the moment?

Basically, it's childish to be angry over what is essentially a good thing. Everyone knows bullying is bad, but there are plenty of people that don't realize how much more devastating it can be for LGBT teens due to the inherit isolation that typically comes with their status. This event /helps/ these kids. And it's ridiculously /heartless/ ]

You're willing to listen and are only looking for an argument (as made obvious by your comments on my other deviations). You won't find one here and responding would simply be a waste of my time, have a nice day.

[ Seriously, nice cop out. It seems to me that YOU are the one unwilling to listen and only interested in further entrenching yourself in your narrow-minded views. Are you so against an honest discourse? *Queerly was being nothing but polite and very articulate in outlining her thoughtful, well-reasoned responses.

Spirit week DOES bring awareness to all types of bullying- how could a week dedicated to bringing awareness not? It is simply targeted at awareness for LGBT youthes, a group which uniquely has less support than most others and thus is greatly in need of awareness. I'm sorry, but being bullied/made to feel guilty about being a heterosexual is nowhere NEAR the same thing, unless said heterosexual is immersed in a largely hostile HOMOsexual community. Were you? Did you have no hetero friends or family members to turn to? Were you afraid of even admitting it? Unless I'm horribly mistaken, of course not. ]

Considering you don't know the situation I can forgive you for calling it a "cop-out". On the contrary, she was anything but nice in her comments on my journal and stamps and was only aiming to make me angry and start an argument.

Furthermore, as I have stated numerous times, I don't think any one group should have a day for themselves when it affects everyone. And did you do any research on this subject? For one thing; it's not a week, it's a day. For another, until this year (and on deviantART only this year for that matter) I didn't see any awareness whatsoever on the day for anyone else who was bullied or any other type of bullying--hardly anyone at all acknowledged that (except for those of us who were irritated about it). And being bullied for another reason than being homosexual isn't the same thing? Since when? It hurts just the same and people are scared to turn to other people for help just the same. There's no difference other than the reason behind it. And to keep people from killing themselves? That's what TWLOHA is for (link provided in case you don't know what that is), which I wholeheartedly support because it focuses on how to solve the problem. It's not about one group saying "oh poor us, we're dealing with a problem everyone else deals with but we're more important!" which is pretty much exactly what Spirit Day is.

[ Well, I suppose you're correct that I haven't seen everything she has written to you, so I'll concede that, but I still think that it is a major cop-out to not respond to her last paragraph up there- I'd be very interested in your response to the points she raised which, as far as I'm concerned, are spot on and I couldn't have put it better.

Oh yes it's a day not a week, that does invalidate my stance. Was I also wrong on what it's about? Oh, no. So never mind it invalidates nothing. I'll admit I was reading quickly as I was a bit upset upon finding an individual who opposes something that I view as being very good and beneficial.

Plenty of groups have days/weeks/whatever devoted just to them- so, as *Queerly asked, do you oppose all of them as well? Or do you just oppose this because you also oppose what you see as a sinful "choice"? And I support your religious choices, it's perfectly fine for you to believe what you do, I'm certainly not attacking that, even if I disagree with it. But it shouldn't be affecting your opinion on how to treat LGBTs, on supporting a movement that is benefical for them, gives them help and awareness that they desperately need. Like I said, everyone knows bullying is bad. IT HAS AWARENESS. Not everyone knows however what is happening to LGBT youthes, and worse, in some of the more hostile areas, it is IGNORED.

Bullying of LGBT is different. How man times do I have to say this? It doesn't "hurt the same"- perhaps it might appear that way to you, if you are lucky enough to live in an area where LGBTs aren't living in constant fear- but let me tell you, that is not the norm. What makes bullying of LGBTS so different is that they are being bullied in a society where they cannot just turn to the adults for help- a society at large that is hostile and often teaches others to hate them. Which is what makes it different from, say, racial bullying, where those children at least have family to turn to and no one says 'you shouldn't have chosen to be black, put some on dye your skin!'

You know what I did when I was bullied? I talked to my mom, my friends, once even the teacher and guidance counseler.

Do you know what *Queerly did when she was bullied? Withdraw in to herself, far too afraid for her safety in her conservative southern community to go to the teacher, and too sick at heart to be able to admit her true issues to her parents out of fear of rejection/hurting them/making them question their beliefs.

To sum it up, I would like to ask what *Queerly asked before she was blocked:
Would you be opposed to a 'Spirit Day' dedicated to kids committing suicide over racial bullying? What about 'Adopt a Shelter Dog' day? That doesn't include cats, so are you still pissed when all those sweet dogs get adopted? What about Breast Cancer awareness month? There's more than one type of cancer that affects patients. How about anxiety awareness week? There's more than one mental illness.

Like I said, groups getting needed awareness isn't a new thing.

I'm not trying to upset you or argue with you for no reason, and you are certainly entitled to your beliefs. However, I am as well and I will try and implore you to stop fighting something that is a good thing. While I myself have seen plenty of LGBT awareness movements, if you yourself have not, then that proves that they need the day, or week, or whatever it is that they're given in whatever way, more than ever.

There are lots of issues in the world. No day or week or movement could cover them all. In this case, this day covers LGBT bullying. I ask again, what the heck is so bad with that?? ]

And this is why I don't think you or Queerly were even listening, I have stated my reasons very clearly NUMEROUS times, including in my responses to both you and her and you continue to ignore them. Since you won't listen to me when I straight out reply with my answers maybe you should try reading some of the other comments, the artist's comments, etcetera which all state what I have said a thousand times. I'm getting pretty sick of being asked the same questions over and over and then not even being listened to when I answer. And before replying I would like to ask you to please do your research--there is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING that sets LGBT bullying apart from other types of bullying other than media coverage and extensive whining. They all have different degrees of severity, the only difference is--like with most minorities--when they are targeted they have the media freaking out and jumping to conclusions.

Here are some interesting statistics: 1 in every 4 kids from elementary to high school is bullied; only 30% of those are bullied because of their sexual orientation. Over 50% of students who were bullied were bullied because of their physical appearance. Only 4% of bullying cases end with adult intervention, 11% of bullying cases end with peer intervention, and 85% of bullying cases have absolutely no intervention--regardless of the reasons behind the bullying.

And, as I stated before, the degree of severity varies with each case, there is nothing to show that an LGBT kid suffers more or less than any other kid who is bullied (unless, of course, you look at one of the extremely biased websites that completely ignores the statistics of a child who isn't LGBT being bullied--unfortunately there are many out there, the majority of which can't seem to even keep a standardized statistic). If you still insist that this day is needed might I recommend you also create a day for every other child who is bullied for whatever reason; go on, make a day for those who are bullied because they are overweight, skinny, tall, short, heterosexual, smart, stupid, non-athletic, mentally-disabled, physically-disabled, "nerdy", poor, rich, black, hispanic, white, asian, unpopular, has a speech impediment, has frizzy hair, has stick-straight hair, doesn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, stands up for another child who is bullied...need I say more?

[ You truly don't believe that growing up in a society that is hostile towards you and in which you generally are too afraid to speak out doesn't differentiate LGBT bullying from, to use your list, "overweight, skinny, tall, short, heterosexual, smart, stupid, non-athletic, mentally-disabled, physically-disabled, "nerdy", poor, rich, black, hispanic, white, asian, unpopular, has a speech impediment, has frizzy hair, has stick-straight hair, doesn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, stands up for another child who is bullied"?

If your answer is yes, then I suppose our conversation is at an end because you are correct, we are simply talking in circles. But if you believe that LGBT kids are just whining about their issues as exacerbated by the media... I'm sorry, but I would say that people like you are the reason awareness movements are needed.

Also if you're going to use statistics, please include source links. ]

If you haven't noticed, most people are the exact opposite of hostile towards them nowadays (kids don't necessarily count, children can be very cruel about everything). Such people are actually pretty much glorified (see LGBT celebrities and politicians) now. I've noticed more people being hostile towards me and several of my non-LGBT friends for having a different opinion on homosexuality than I have seen or heard of any sort of hostility towards my LGBT friends (not simply in the area I live in, I have many friends from other countries, states, and cities).

You misunderstand what I'm trying to say. I'm not saying that horrible stuff doesn't happen to LGBT kids and that they're only whining (although they [not all of them] tend to do a heck of a lot of it; as do most minorities), I'm simply pointing out that it doesn't ONLY happen to them so it doesn't make sense and is unfair to create a day just for them, regardless of how much awareness it raises.

There were mountains of sources most of which have been long since lost I'm afraid but a quick Google search of "LGBT bullying statistics" and just "bullying statistics" should bring up the vast majority of them.

Neutral-Death #fundie comments.deviantart.com

Snopes? Really!? You lost any and all credibility when you brought up that joke. It's run out of the basement of a Liberal family's home, and they don't even have the qualifications to be reporters for the tabloids! Face-fact is, they work for George Soros, one of the largest US political donors, and he donates exclusively to the Democrat party, the party of treason. They may be good for celebrity gossip, but not much else. They have a thick track record of being insanely biased, often reporting blatant, obvious lies to save face for Barry Soetero (Barrack Obama) and Hillary Clinton. I hate fact-checkers. "That mathematically-proven statistic you've just shown me is deemed false by Snopes." What, is the crazy hobo down the street too occupied to be a better source? If I may be so blunt, you are better off with MSNBC, and that's saying something.


Oh, goody. Another Liberal site with obvious biases. I've noticed a good number of sites labeled as 'fact-checkers' do more manu-fact-uring than actual fact-checking, meaning they like to manipulate the truth for their own gains. This includes, but is not limited to, Snopes, MSNBC, and politifact.


It's funny because Snopes and Politifact are also accused of being right wing propaganda funded by megacorps.]

Meanwhile, those of us with actual common sense see them as nothing more than incompetent tools. The Koch Bros. They identify as Libertarian, constantly berated for funding the Republican Party (although they give donations across the board), but are the 59th largest political donor. All the ones above them donate exclusively to Democrats, and over 50 are unions. I had never heard of any of those sites, don't care to look at them, don't care for them. I prefer to get my news from actually reputable sites like BreitBart.


Try doing a little reading

theicarlyangel #fundie comments.deviantart.com

thanks to them, I call myself homophobic because of how mean and nasty they are. One of them sent me a gay porn fanfiction and I was disgusted, but I dealt with him maturely and blocked him. Now I really DO consider myself homophobic because they're terrifying. As one a cartoon animated character once said, "You think the only people, are people who think like you."
Be proud of being homophobic/hating homosexuality. I get bullied too and been told to die in Hell. :XD: Idgafudge though. :D That just shows them how immature they can be. :) I am never teaching my kids homosexuality is okay, but I will also not let them bully the LGBT. The LGBT is just hurt and confused, if they would just stop being so mean and respect others' beliefs, that'd be great. And accepting a belief is not the same thing as supporting a belief.

[ "Do you know the reasons WHY the LGBT community is often hurt and confused?" ]

Bullied, kicked out of their homes, etc. So yeah, I do know. Why should that change my viewpoint that I don't agree with homosexual rights?

[ "Have you seen the way society treats homosexuals?" ]

No, but I surely do see how homosexuals treat non-supporters of homosexuality.

[ "They are constantly being shunned simply for their sexuality. I've heard of people who can't get a job just for being gay, gay children are being disowned and kicked out of their houses by their own parents, people have even been MURDERED just for the sake of being homosexual. The treatment towards REAL homosexuals is more than just "bullying the LGBT"." ]

Yes, and guess what? People who don't support homosexuality also get shunned simply because of their own belief and viewpoint AND on what they wish to follow. People also get fired from their jobs if they disagree with homosexuality which isn't fair either. Yes, in OTHER COUNTRIES. I did nothing. Don't bash me, someone that's innocent who doesn't wish death upon homosexuals. People have also sent me death threats for not support homosexuality. I guess being on both sides sucks.

[ "Homosexuals aren't just sensitive or butthurt about people having different beliefs. They're not being "mean"; they're biting back." ]

But I did NOTHING. Why bash someone innocent when I did NOTHING? Do you think every freaking non-support of the homosexuality club wishes death upon people or wants them to die or wants them to be bullied? NO. What they're doing is sick and wrong. (I'm talking about the whole biting back issue.) They are butthurt and sensitive when someone doesn't follow their ways, so yeah. There's a HUGE problem here.

[ "Now I'm not saying that I HAVEN'T seen any rabid or immature LGBT members, but the main reasons for homosexuals attacking the homophobes back is NOT simply because of the fact that they don't support LGBT; it's because they're fighting to earn the same rights for not being judged by their sexuality, since enough homophobes have already judged gays simply by their sexuality. Telling a gay person to respect a homophobe's opinion is basically like telling a black person to respect a racist's opinion." ]

A skin color is different from a sexuality. Don't even compare the two. -_- I do not wish for gay/lesbian coupling to be as equal as straight coupling. What REALLY needs to happen here is for the LGBT to fight back the bullies and search for someone who is open-minded and kind. Religious people also get bashed as well. Now, imagine if everyone followed the bible, THEN everyone get along as well, but NO. Not going to happen, want to know why? Because not everyone believes God exists, not everyone thinks he made our world. They believe in the Big Bang Theory. Sure, it would be easier if everyone got along, but not everyone is going to see eye-to-eye and you need to learn to cope with it.

[ I am sorry, but the fact that you are ONLY looking at rabid LGBT members who have attacked YOU on the Internet makes you sound biased. NOT ALL homosexuals attack homophobes for not following their beliefs, but you treat it like they do. You probably still missed my point that LGBT is MORE than just an "opinion". I brought up race with sexuality because... as I said, they are both a matter of human rights. You can't just simply tell gays to respect homophobes' opinions and get over it because "Oh everyone thinks differently and we should all respect each other's beliefs just fine and dandy like that", no. Then can we just simply say that blacks should respect racists' opinions or that women should respect sexists' opinions just because they think differently. ]

First of all, I don't need to be 'educated' when I obviously am going to disagree with you. No, I don't. Also I know that, and I know not all homosexuals are bad and they actually accept me for me. No, a sexuality is NOT human rights. Yaoi and Yuri is wrong and it will forever BE wrong. You may think whatever you'd like, go on. You've got a choice to be gay or not, I don't think they should be as accepted as straight couples because homosexuality IS wrong. I don't know why you bring racism into something that is gay. I don't know enough about racism to debate about that so I am going to leave you be for someone else to argue with you.

[ Really? You're just going to let a serious issue slide like that? Being oppressed/disowned/killed over one little aspect means nothing to you? ]

Ummm... I'm gonna say, yes. Because hey, everyone's been through Hell and that's me included, but you gotta stay boss and move onwards and don't let people drive you down in the dirt. You gotta think happily and positively and whatever has been done has been done. I can't do anything about that. Do I think it's okay for them to be oppressed, disowned, and killed? No. Do I have to worry about it? No. Because I don't live where they are and I can't help them out when I am probably half-way across the world. Like someone said, ya gotta leave the past behind ya. It's not my fault it's still going on. No need to bash on me.

[ So you're basically saying an inferior group is not allowed to be equal as a superior group just based on their sexuality? Welp, I'm sorry, but that IS judging people by their sexuality, saying that homos don't deserve the same rights as straights. You are basically okay with oppressing human rights there. No, I disagree! ]

How on Earth is that judging someone on their sexuality?! JUST HOW? I don't understand your logic, what gave you that conclusion?! I NEVER said I want homosexuals to die and rot in Hell, seriously and that they should be treated like garbage, WHAT made you come to that conclusion? Are you that dense and close-minded or what? Agreeing with someone's rights is not the same thing as accepting someone for who they are.

[ Also, I have often seen you try to use "I hate homosexuality, but not homosexuals" as an excuse. That doesn't even make any friggin sense. It'd be like saying "I hate black skin color but I don't hate black people!" or "I hate vaginas but don't hate women for having them". Here's another reason I bring up sexism/racism to homophobia. Like different races with their skin color, homosexuals can NOT control their sexuality. They can't just wake up one morning and decide "Oh I want to be gay from now on!". Sexuality is a NATURAL aspect that people carry with them from birth or at a very young age. You can't change sexuality, and that is why most homosexuals hate homophobes. They are being oppressed for having a natural trait that they can't control, and that is another form of anti human rights. ]

Okay, first of all, it does make sense. It means I hate same-gender coupling and I could care less about it, but to people who like it or who are gay, then fine. I won't stop you. Be whoever you want. Give me one good reason why I should hate you over your sexuality. Don't you dare compare someone's skin color to a sexuality. Those are TWO different things. Look, I don't think racism is that much of an issue because from where I live, there's not much of it here... and anyways, loving someone versus a color of a skin are two completely different things. Sure, you can't help if someone has a skin color or if someone's gay, that's just who they are. It doesn't mean I hate them, it just means I would either hate their skin color or a sexuality. Just like if someone wore an outfit you personally don't like. You don't have to like it, it's their style and their choice. I for one don't hate anyone for being black/tan. It is not NATURAL. Okay, I can't change a sexuality, but what I can do is be against homosexuality. I am not supporting the idea to oppressed people. Seriously, how does someone NOT support homosexuality made you even come to that conclusion?

Ugh, I am done here. You're way too thick-headed for me. Go do something that makes you happy and positive. We are obviously gonna disagree here and nothing you say will change my mind and I will not change my beliefs just to please you. Have an awesome day and remember: Treat others the way you like to be treated.

[Also, regarding your last comment there; Just because you have not been oppressed it doesn't mean that you simply shouldn't care. There is a thing called empathy. If you could just put herself in a homosexual's shoes for once, you would know that being abandoned and killed just for being gay is not something you can just "think positively and get over with" about.]

I do care and I do feel bad for them, but I shouldn't worry about it. I should worry about myself and what needs to get done and what I can do to help make things a better place. Heck, I've been sexually abused since I was little, been bullied and harassed since the 3rd grade, and have gotten my heart broken. When people debate with me, my heart and liver hurts even more. It REALLY does. Which is why I tend to block people and think happily and positively and worry about myself first. I still need to worry about the work I need to get done and how am I going to succeed in life.

[ When you say that famous line 'treat others the way you want to be treated' , you need to understand that it also means that involves human rights as well. And that no one should be denied them. You wouldn't like your rights being taken away I'm sure. ]

Straight is normal and since two of the opposite gender can make a baby, I feel okay with that. I'm sorry, I disagree. Don't debate about me on this though, just please don't. I really think the LGBT should just stick up for themselves for once and call the cops. Maybe it's not easy, but I am here to help out whenever someone is needed. This involves NOT harming the innocent and shoving their beliefs down others' throats. Sorry, my mind has not changed and I don't want to debate about this.

AngelsOfEmpathy #fundie comments.deviantart.com

I blame the LGBTI for the rape and molestation of children.
More pedophiles are gay than straight, using the church as a cover to attain their immoral pleasures.
And the LGBTI does nothing about it and even refuses to recognize it.

What a f*cking disgrace the LGBTI is.
For the sake of children, get the f*ck over your pride.

Precipitous120 #fundie comments.deviantart.com

on a poem describing how people use religion as an excuse to abuse and kill a gay boy

arrr come on... not every bully is an abused kid.

I hate gays, I have no shame in saying it, but still I don't abuse gays.

I have a gay friend, I tell him all the time that I hate the fact that he is gay... but his still my friend and I love him for who he is, not what his condition dictates him to be.

Your poem is stigmatizes of both gays and bullies.

just get over it, people are never going to accept gays.

and as God says, Hate the Sin not the Sinner

[ People actually are starting to accept gays, and I doubt that you actually "hate" gays, if so, your friend would not be your friend. So you hate the "sin", not the person themselves.

well I have abused gays in the past before... beated them up and spat at them...

and pretty sure I would do it again if I say a gay walking down my street.

but I can be in the same room with a gay and not take offence.. so it's a bit of a mixed end result

I don't care vary much for kids that get beaten up every day if they warrant their beatings by purposely acting gay.

Beating people up is healthy, it's only natural.

Look at nature, the weird wolf is always bitten and picked on.

So ya, if gays want to say it's nature, I'm going to say... beating you up is just a natural instinct too.

amanda2324 #fundie comments.deviantart.com

It is not only offensive, but completely wrong to compare sexuality to skin color. One is a useful attribute for survival (skin color), one is not. One is something that is clearly visible /and/ is a physical reality; one is not.

Further, the experiences of the two groups are different. Have homosexuals ever been enslaved? No. Have they ever had their personhood denied? No. Do their parades attract hundreds of police officers who will beat them within an inch of their lives, and the courts and other police officers do nothing about it? No. Have homosexuals ever been forced to go to different restrooms, different drinking fountains, different schools, etc? No. Have they ever been disallowed to vote? No. Have they ever been disallowed to own property? No.

So it is offensive to a lot of people because blacks, as a group, had it like 10000000 times worse than homosexuals have ever had it as a group.

The worst thing they can whine about is that they can't get a piece of paper from the government that declares them "married." That's just NOT equivalent to being enslaved and legally able to be beaten /to death/. Hence why it's offensive to do the comparison. It's not valid, it's absolutely and totally incorrect, and makes their claims seem hyperbolic and childish.

Yes, other places in the world; no here. So here, in the US, what they are doing is in fact whining. None of their whining and lobbying here does a single, not even miniscule, thing for anyone who participates in same-sex erotic behavior anywhere else in the world. So, yeah. What they are doing here, in this country, is only whining. They may NOT, EVER use the suffering of people in OTHER countries as a means of obtaining anything /here/.

[ The point is that, in essence, both groups have been historically persecuted for something that is innate to their being, and that's why it is not an offensive comparison to make. ]

False. Homosexuality as a concept did not exist until within the last, according to my faulty memory, 60 years. Same-sex erotic BEHAVIOR is /not/ innate to anyone's being, and is the /actual/ thing that's ever been criminalized with death. And guess what? No one /has/ to participate or initiate same-sex behavior. It's not an innate part of their being. Now, skin color, which is neither a behavior nor something they can hide, is an entirely different matter.

[ Attempting to trivialise the persecution of gay people because their sexuality is not "clearly visible" is laughably superficial. ]

I never trivialized the persecution of gay people because sexual orientation isn't visible. I've trivialized in only in the sense that I've put it into perspective with groups of people who've actually had to deal with /real/ oppression and discrimination. So, in fact, I haven't trivialized anything. You and your false and ignorant comparisons trivialize /real/ cases of horrid discrimination and oppression

[ When the holocaust ended, people who were in there for racial issues where released.

The allies never released the homosexuals, because they saw nothing wrong with people being imprisoned for being gay, and many, many lgbt people are killed, even to this day.

So get fucked. ]

Due to your use of vulgar language, I can tell you're not here for an intelligent, rational discussion.

Hentala #fundie comments.deviantart.com

I respect homosexuals as people, and I don't hate them at all, especially not because of their sexuality, but I do not support giving special legal rights to people just because they were born with an anomaly in the sphere of sexuality. Homosexuality is not a reason to hate anybody, because there is way more to each person than their sexual urges, and I'm really sad seeing people judging others solely on that basis, but homosexuality is also not a culture by itself, or religion, so what's the point of treating this subject under category of human rights?

I guess many would disagree that homosexuality is an anomaly in sexual behaviour, because homosexuals do not choose homosexuality [at least not the real ones] but just are homosexual. Yet, that's no argument at all. Shizophremic people also did not choose to suffer mental disease. Pedophiles do not choose to get aroused by children. [Note the difference between pedophilia and child molesting, first is just a sexual urge towards children or child related things, without acting on it, when in second case a person acts on that urge]
The fact that homosexuality is not one's fault, doesn't make it less of an anomaly. Just an anomaly that appears harmless enough for general society that people who choose to act on it actually try to present it as something normal, so... nobody will point out that something's not 'normal' with them? That might be it, but I do not dwell, there could be hundreds of motivations behind this.

There are therapies for people with sexual deviations percieved as harmful if acted upon, like pedophilia, but a deviation from basic sexual behaviors that isn't as plainly harmful is to be not considered a deviation because... it theorethically hurts nobody? Well, people with some lighter cases of aspergers also can lead a pretty normal life, yet it's still a mental anomaly, last time I checked. And no, there is no confirmation of something like homosexual gene.

Still, my point is not to hate these people. There are still people, like everybody else and hating them on basis of who they have sex with. If anything, they may be hurting themselves, among other reasons because some organs are not made to take part in sexual intercourse. And I agree that bullying and hating homosexuals because of their sexual urges is just as wrong, just as bullying and hating other coloured people or women is, but I'm not gonna let them convince me that what they're feeling is normal.

Also please take notice that I'm not telling people that loving someone of the same gender is not normal. Just having sex with them isn't normal. That's it. I really don't like when people use love as a synonym of sex. No, you don't have to feel sexually aroused by someone to love him/her