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Lets look at the Realms in the Outer Universe, which are the Higher Dimensions of Dark and Destruction, should an unfortunate Spirit become stranded within these Realms, it would only be because they possessed awareness at one point and time and through intense amount of chaotic events throughout many cycles have turned inward and contorted in their concepts. Entropy is most attracted to powerful beings, in this I mean spiritually aware ones. The hardest of us to corrupt, yet over time and without the proper strength of the Collective Universe even these Great Beings may deteriorate and lose the love they hold towards all beings. Some of the greatest Spiritual Leaders have met unfortunate ends due to the influence Entropy has over our Spiritual Nature. We generally misdirect what caused these deaths, because we never really take the time to look deeper and see the true influences. Should Spirits end up in the Higher Realms of the Outer Universe, it’s usually due to their connection to the Collective and how Entropy will seek now to feed off their knowledge. Without the continued input of the ever-evolving Consciousness however, these Outer Realms will slowly deteriorate the Spirit and distort a Soul’s awareness.

The Unconscious Level of the Omnipotent Design maybe hard for us to comprehend. We are children of Light and Dark, our very spiritual bodies both physical and spiritual possess the struggle of existence’s ancient war. Imagine Source as a grandmaster at meditation, though perfect and all-knowing with complete harmony in spirit, the physical body continues its life/death battle. The micro-organism within the grandmasters body live and die with very little understanding that they are a part of something grander, the grandmaster does acknowledge the micro-organism because he is consumed in the bliss of being one with the universe, but his connection with them is one of curiosity with little need to interfere with their existence.

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Unlike the elements of Holy and Dark, the element of
Psyche is directly related to the Soul of this Planet, The
Hierarchy of Sun Gods, and The Collective Conscious
Universe. Liquid and Gases relinquishes our heavy forms
and wishes us set free of this bondage. When all seemed the
bleakest, the Being we’ve come to call Christ
incarnated/manifested on this earth. Though a more
reverential name would be Yahweh, his path would mark a
transformation in us and open the doorways back to our
evolutionary scheme that Lucifer blocked us from.
Incarnations from Greater Beings happened on
occasion throughout our evolution, mainly from a Counsel
of Beings that guide us.

They at times will manifest Avatars within this
world to support their causes, this is the only way they can
renew their conscious understanding of the changing world.
Even Lucifer manifested at times, last one recorded in the
ancient eastern culture when this Being was able to solidify
the locks on our Etheric forms. He influenced a philosophy
that clouded our viewpoints on truth, it would be one of the
few times Lucifer and Ahriman worked together.
This forced the hand of the Earth’s Soul to manifest
later in the body of Christ. With Christ the Element of
Psyche brought in this world a new bridge to The
Conscious Universe, in later chapters I will explain more
on how, just know without a continued stream of
Consciousness we would’ve eventually had lost our place
in evolution. It’s also here that we need to fully realize
what took place in the Resurrection of Christ. When Christ
incarnated, he took on both Evolutions (Earth and Water) for our salvation.
The Oppositions both attempted to have him relinquish his quest and
join them, but Christ was unmoved in his conviction.

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All Galactic Beings residing in the residue of our
manifested forms expressing their individual
experiences of what was. But all with New
Consciousness and reassembling towards Absolute
Truth. The Greater Beings will manifest through a
variety of Planes and become known as Gods to the
early evolutions on earth.
We will individually create understandings
through our separate experiences, this will become
accepted truth for the current civilizations. Names of
all Beings and Entities will process through many
lifetimes and constantly be given new names and
titles. Two among The Dark Dragons will even
incarnate on Earth through a later realization to give
wisdom to those who walked the Conscious Paths.
The Dark Beings would later seek to control
our societies as many types of Warlike Deities that
demanded our service. While Good Deities led by a
host of Natural Greater Elementals that influenced
earth consciousness as a counterbalance.
Holy Beings walked among us as Psyche Beings
structured our societies. Men if white garbs
personally walking among societies and doing great
amount of good. They will haunt our ancient
literature with obscurities that will stay rewritten by
Visionaries and Empathic Mystics far past the time of

Next, for the first-time earth will produce its
own Greater Beings. They will lead in both good and
bad ways and will be met with the arrival of Star
Beings. The fight has been taken to dimensions
and realms that we are awakening to. Those left are
The Holy Alliance and The Plane of Dark. I will
impart more of what The Conscious Collective knows,
and still The Absolute Laws were in manifestation.

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with plenty of space to take personal notes.

Perennial Philosophy, also referred to as Perennialism and
Perennial Wisdom. This is a perspective in philosophy and spirituality that views all of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, metaphysical truth or origin from which all esoteric and exoteric knowledge and doctrine has grown.
Perennialism has its roots in the Renaissance interest in Neo-Platonism and its idea of the One, from which all existence emanates.
Piecing it together

If we take into our Collective Consciousness the purity of realizations from all these branches, we can begin to combine what we know as The Absolute Truth of The Planes and how the densest physical matter produces various degrees of Sentience. We can also conceive how Consciousness is first manifested from another Source of Consciousness, strung by a continuity of Consciousness. Since Consciousness is Primely
Responsible for the activity of Time, Space, and Gravitational Movement. We can now conceive that The Physical Universe is first reflective, then manifested by Consciousness. Through this manifestation we automatically manifest the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Absolute Laws and become part of The Physical Time Stream. This brings with us a dependency of prior reincarnations and fragments of The Original Forms.

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The Pleiadians have a rich history of leading and
awakening Beings here on Earth, they prefer to never be
around conflict and so tend to disappear when Corruption
infects anyone around them. We know clearly that their most
current connections would be with the forming of The
Kabbalah and Theosophy belief systems. They were in fact
the direct influence of the Enochian lineage. They teach
always of a path to self-evolution and communicate through
an enlightened form of universal pulse. Their intentions are
always good, yet the humans they attempt to connect to are
generally incapable of fully comprehending them. Depending
upon the consciousness of the individual, they can become lost
in a deeply emotional hymn of self-created visions. They
always come in their truthful forms and do not hide their true
appearance like many other Beings.

The Pleiadians led a portion of Collective Beings into
the Indus Valley after the Deluge. This was a prosperous and
quiet life for a time, eventually trade would develop between
The Persian and Egyptian territories. They were led by
Murugan, which was openly known as King of The Pleiadians
from the Pleiades Star Cluster. The early Hindu People
possessed special attunements that was developed over time to
be able to understand the Pleiadian form of communication.
What manifested was The Vedic Understanding, this belief
structure would propel consciousness for the first time
unaffected and unknown by The Outer Universe.
Beings that are of pure light and gave up much of their past by
choice, they are now the Guardians of The Infinity Stream.
The beginning stages of Water’s evolution was when
life was still developing here on Earth, Universal Mind
already had the knowledge of how to form Sentient Beings,
for it had done quite well with The Star Beings millions of
years beforehand. The Ones of Water’s Evolution moved about
throughout the Lower Realms many lifetimes attempting to
develop, I will speak of the right side first.

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As these Planetary Bodies densified (and before the structuring of human life on earth), these others
became habitable for Conscious Life. <...> The Ones that our ancient wisdoms teach us as “The Shining Ones” or
“The Lords of Fire” are one in the same. Yet we can better comprehend them as The Holy Beings from the
Plane of Holy.

Due to the social enturbulations on The Plane of Holy, it was decided to separate those that were in a
consistent struggle for what they considered equality. They were given the opportunity to assist in the
manifesting of The Source of Consciousness that was deemed to arise within our current Solar System.
They were not allowed to cohabitate on Earth, this would be forbidden by our Solar Logo. Thus, their
place of refuge was that of Venus. There would be one that would rise up in ranks as The Venusians
flourished and presented with a new title. Lucifer, The Morning Star, a glorified extension to Holy
Beings and a savior to those building a new civilization on a new planet. His actions and
leadership would be the means that many among the Newly Awakened would survive. Many among the
Holy would come to adore him and he would catch the attention of one among The Dragon Council, more
specifically, one from The Plane of Dark. They were given their directives from The Plane of Holy and
Venus was used as a satellite. Whenever those of Holy were directed through The Dragon Council to give
Conscious Impulses into earths forming atmosphere, the Greater Holy Beings came through Venus.

These Conscious Impulses were of different origins, the first of these were directly from our Solar
Logo before 260 million years. After 260 million years to until just after The Lemurian Age, it was our
Reverend Planetary Logo (Yahweh) that gave us Conscious Impulses (which this will be further
explained later). From Lemurian and into the first have of The Atlantean Age, Holy Beings gave to us
Conscious Impulses. All centered to stimulate Conscious Growth when we were lacking it through
courses later defined.

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The true and only reason consciousness took root here on this planet was due to this very event. Roughly two billion years ago a very special asteroid made impact with earth, it hosted Our Most Reverend Logos, the Absolute of Consciousness within all that is of earth. Our Logos moved deep into the earths center and took on a deep sleep to begin reforming the planet for the future events. This Perfected Being chose to host this planet and assist it in budding consciousness. In a sense, we can say this was the very moment Earth’s Evolution began to manifest, although conscious beings did not surface until much later.
Consciousness and Earth’s Evolution will begin to take on the forms know to us as The Root Races. Among the Polarian and Hyperborean the forms were very much etheric, the later part of the Hyperborean Age the forms began to take on a light solid form as they moved their way through the earth’s crust and into the oceans. Within the Oceans is where the blending of the two evolutions took place, Water’s Evolution already aggressive in nature and Earth’s Evolution still childlike and detached. With the merging and now connected with conscious beings, DNA could now communicate to all instead of just those it was in contact with. This brought forth the third Root Race in the Lemurian, and a crossbreed of many species. This Race was Giant in form, had various colors and designs, a cycloptic eye that eventually became a third eye, various numbers of arms, and the beginning portions of them laid eggs. Yet through all this the Conscious side manifested themselves through the understanding of Intelligent Impulse.

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Yahweh would be the first Greater Being brought forth into existence. It was believed to be by The Omni-Conscious directives, but this is conceived differently depending on what “forces” influenced the Mystic. What is known, is that his birth would be in The Plane of Holy, but he was not of any Elemental Race, for he was able to blend into all Planes.
He would leave the Plane of Holy much like he arrived, but this time would reappear in the Plane of Psyche. The Beings that still moved throughout this Plane were significantly weakened by their manifested counterparts soon on the verge of Martian obliteration. Yahweh restructured the Akashic Halls and gave leadership and structure to The Plane of Psyche.
There are those that are born with a knowledge of the multiple layers of existence, we are born into a society that may not be able to know as we do. Many of us are then silenced and learn to keep this hidden from those who cannot see past this veil. This would have been much worse if The Outer Universe was able to corrupt us earlier in earths cycles. This also stopped The Outer Universe from infecting us directly, it would have to find new means to expand while we were allowed to strengthen.

This led to the expansion of Water’s Evolution in The Atlantean Ages, which was acceptable for they still were of The Universal Mind. As we now know, they evolved into a great civilization with deep insights into the ways of matter manipulation. It was when they were capable of receptivity, that they opened the gateways to other Beings and Entities. The White Magi became pitted against The Black Magi. The Anunnaki became aware of us on this planet as well as the hosts of other Star Beings spoken of in the second book.