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Human Hybrids

For me all this Q-Trump-Plan is not over until I can embrace the chimeras that Steve Quayle’s friend spoke of and those that Dr. Jim Willie reports on.

Steve reported of a friend he met at the airport who was involved with human chimera creatures.

The friend reported that the chimeras had cried out to him “Help! Help us! We are human!” And the friend wept and said “but they were monstrosities”.

For me, these human chimeras were creatures, however ugly, however terrible to see and deal with, that have a soul of God.

Jim Willie speaks of Human hybrids crossed with Gray extraterrestrials:
What creatures are these? I want to see these creatures, communicate with them.

I SHALL NOT BE SATISFIED with this war being won until I am allowed to go to these creatures and embrace them, physically embrace them, with love.

What is the point of winning this war if we cannot love? Love is universal. I wish to love unconditionally.

Who and where are these creatures? I need to go to meet them.

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We know that this publication medium is read by the intelligence agencies.

So I can hereby, in a legally valid form, call on the military and demand that appropriate steps be taken by the military in all countries to now take control, in a humane manner, of the non-functioning, broken-down, society.

That society is now out of control will be evident to everyone by the following facts.

I need only give one example here, the example of the vax odor and the shedding of the pathogens.

The pathogens were deliberately developed and used as a bioweapon by the US DoD (Department of Defense) over decades [1].

The Covid so-called vaccinations required by the government have undermined society and already destroyed its base.

Most of the people I meet have been injected. If I ask them now if they have been injected, they say yes. And when I ask how often, they typically hold up 4 (four) fingers. And now it has come to the point that when I meet someone for the first time, I usually smell a very unpleasant smell [2] [3]. So I say to them you've certainly been injected? And they say yes.

The smell always has the same components from person to person. I always recognize it now. A smell of putrefaction, presumably from decaying soft tissue [4].

Apparently, when the injected issue this odor, they transmit mRNA plasmids and spike proteins to unvaccinated humans.

The unvaccinated person can no longer save himself from transmission ("shedding").

Not only are we dealing with a criminal government in this country, but society itself is no longer able to offer people, including helpless children, a minimum of protection.


I await an answer from the military.

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We need guidelines for DEW-threatened communities now, like:

* position watchers at your peripheries

* then sound the alarms when the fast-moving dew fires are observed

* children and pets remain with parents whatever that necessitates

* set up stocks of water and food in the woods

* stay out of cars and buildings

* as soon as the alarms sound – run for the trees

DEW fires are planned/ongoing for many places now, apparently.