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In late December 2020, the incoming Biden Administration placed America on a clear trajectory for a thermonuclear World War III on a timeline underpinned by the 2024 election. The projected theaters contained in the analysis are Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan/South China Sea and the Middle East/Iran/Syria, et al.
The same United Nations that led-out on the fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” will oversee the treaty process and the official handover of the US to a Globalist cartel in league with a compromised US Intelligence apparatus and using China and the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism as the battle axe and enforcement mechanism.

This is why the US more closely resembles a Marxist hell hole under Biden and as borne out of Dynastic Bush than the Constitutional Republic with which the Founding Fathers endowed us.
Events continue to unfold in exact alignment with incredibly well-sourced analysis that remains remarkably accurate as written years in advance and calibrated to an electoral timeline with a 6-month range positioned as 05 Nov 24 +/- 3 months.

The result will be the continued escalation of events until a kinetic flashpoint is reached and the designs will intercede on the election as an impediment to Trump’s foregone return to the Executive.

Or it will hamstring the Trump Administration in the event the Intelligence Community reconciles him as an unavoidable circumstance and determines that the only way to maintain control of the populace is to permit him to win the election he’s already won.

Of course the other scenario entails both Biden and Trump removed and new proxies installed; likely a Michelle Obama first term to give Barack his fifth [he undermined Trump during his third and enjoys his fourth pulling Biden’s strings].

Unless some event occurs to fundamentally alter the geopolitical landscape, we’re headed for war and relatively soon or as they would say, right on time.

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For well over a year now, the Intelligence Community has been tediously and incrementally operating to remove both Donald Trump and Joe Biden from the 2024 ballot in what amounts to a complete erasure of the slate. Begrudgingly, the IC seems to have accepted and reconciled the fact that despite a wide array of ongoing and future operations to intercede on The People’s will, Trump will be the 2024 nominee. What the IC cannot accept; however, is Trump becoming president. Those operations are guaranteed to continue.

Meanwhile, the IC can’t afford to re-install Biden for a second term either, because even the most partisan Democrats are distancing themselves from that dumpster fire.
The analysis is clear in indicating that Barack Obama will get what amounts to his fifth and likely sixth terms.

In the picture to replace Biden are two clear favorites: California Governor Gavin Newsom and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

This appears to be the general consensus in identifying a Biden replacement and Michelle becomes the obvious interface for Barack’s fifth and sixth terms.
If the leaked reports presumably from the IC about Barack’s pre-presidency sexuality are accurate; and the wide speculation about Michelle being a male are equally accurate as was once posited by a now dead Joan Rivers, it means that ‘Dynastic Bush’ paved the way for Michelle with the entire trans agenda years in advance.

Otherwise the trans agenda and now pervasive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policies, which is the umbrella for everything culturally wrecking the nation in the public and private sectors, would not have become compulsory or subject to federal and state funding.

Cultural Marxism is overturning fundamental aspects of humanity.
The Intelligence Community’s perception management operations are shoehorning and bullying the population into ‘trans acceptance’ so it can be shoehorned into accepting the first trans couple to occupy the White House for the third time.

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There is a clear narrative and initiative emerging against the backdrop of the Biden Administration’s immigration policies that have caused 12+ million illegal aliens to cross our borders since January 2021. Should the designs of this initiative manifest, a treacherous outcome that stands to be potentially fatal for the Republic awaits us. That outcome entangles illegal immigrants, military service, law enforcement service, Posse Comitatus and the Insurrection Act of 1807 in ways that should make all actual Americans stop in their tracks: “within the United States.”
The rub for the Biden Administration, Joe Biden, the Department of Defense and Lloyd Austin is that US military personnel take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and not to any one office, officer, person, department, agency, etc.

In other words, getting American soldiers to follow orders in violation of Posse Comitatus and the Insurrection Act of 1807; and more importantly in ways to turn their focus and their barrels on fellow countrymen, is a near impossibility.

That near impossibility is instantly eviscerated assuming Biden and Austin replace American soldiers with a fifth column of infidels smuggled into CONUS inside a Trojan Horse of 12+ million illegals.
For these illegals, all they have to do is agree to be treated better than actual American citizens and when ordered to do so, turn their guns on those American citizens.

They will be the same Americans who also happen to qualify as the Biden Administration’s political enemies as determined by the Biden Administration.

This is how Marxists function, folks.
This fifth column will be reinforced by their colleagues in law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Remember, you don’t have to overthrow 50 states to overthrow the entire United States of America, but rather 37 urban hub locations.

Everybody else is teaching that lesson and they’re called Marxists.

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The analysis into the 26 Mar 24 collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge spanning the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland provides another clear-cut example of the type asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared warfare that has been waged against the United States by China, the CCP, the PLA and China’s network of proxies and assets that includes foreign hostile nations that began no later than August 2019.

The asymmetrical flashpoint was biowarfare in the form of a bioengineered SARS-CoV-2 virus and the resulting mRNA bioweapons foisted upon us by mandates caused by the fraudulently predicated “pandemic” [RICO applies].

The “pandemic” was leveraged to steal an election, install Joe Biden as China’s proxy and to resume the internally controlled demolition of the US by means of Cloward-Piven strategy as Obama-era policies were resumed and with Barack Obama pulling those strings from the backdrop in what amounts to his fourth term; his third was undermining Donald Trump’s first.
The modus operandi of targeting critical infrastructure and hazardous materials also applies to the FSK bridge collapse in ways that also vector in militarily, as explained below.

It all begs this question: Will it be too late by the time Americans wake-up to what is actually going on?

The answer to that question according to the status quo and based upon the assumption that things don’t soon change, ‘YES,’ it will be too late.

Have Americans discerned and reconciled that the nearly four years of Biden’s stolen time occupying the Executive represent the designs to reduce the nation to smouldering embers so that it can be ‘6bulilt 6ack 6etter’ using the architecture of Marxist communism?

The template for the build is China and its technocratic surveillance state.

With the FSK bridge down, Americans should be wondering how many more of these incidents will we see and to what degree will they continue to escalate in their destructive nature and militarily strategic value?

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In the last article, we reasoned that the trans agenda was a component in the application of cultural Marxism to U.S. society. We reached those findings by relying upon substantial existing analysis and evidence that is discussed below and which is overlaid by evidence of a resurgence from Michelle Obama to become the 2024 Democratic Party nominee.
Transgenderism was hijacked for the Intelligence Community to be used as the contextual component inside of perception management operations.

Those operations, which are more commonly known as “psyops,” are designed to apply cultural Marxism to the population in a broader effort to overthrow and convert the United States to a communist nation under Globalist control.

In other words, Marxist communism is the chosen enforcement mechanism to keep the slaves in line and producing while Globalist elites tyrannically rule by their credence of “rules for thee but not for me”.

Therein, transgenderism is a herding and bullying component of cultural Marxism in the form of a mechanism, tool and weapon.
Our purpose is to therefore identify the moment in time that transgenderism was technically hijacked by U.S. politics as a mechanism, tool and weapon; and where it would become the spine of the public education system.
If the analysis bears-out as accurate, the Intelligence Community political continuum that I’ve branded ‘Dynastic Bush’ is operating to position Michelle Obama as the 2024 Democratic Party nominee for the purpose of continuity in the Executive on down.

Consider the tactical objective of continuity to be the primary objective of Dynastic Bush.
In such a case with Newsom succeeding Michelle for two terms, Dynastic Bush would extend its stranglehold on the U.S. by a 17-year margin.

By that time, our goose will have been cooked, eaten and the rest of it.

By that time, the U.S. will be China’s twin sister and there is no U-turn on that road.