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For well over a year now, the Intelligence Community has been tediously and incrementally operating to remove both Donald Trump and Joe Biden from the 2024 ballot in what amounts to a complete erasure of the slate. Begrudgingly, the IC seems to have accepted and reconciled the fact that despite a wide array of ongoing and future operations to intercede on The People’s will, Trump will be the 2024 nominee. What the IC cannot accept; however, is Trump becoming president. Those operations are guaranteed to continue.

Meanwhile, the IC can’t afford to re-install Biden for a second term either, because even the most partisan Democrats are distancing themselves from that dumpster fire.
The analysis is clear in indicating that Barack Obama will get what amounts to his fifth and likely sixth terms.

In the picture to replace Biden are two clear favorites: California Governor Gavin Newsom and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

This appears to be the general consensus in identifying a Biden replacement and Michelle becomes the obvious interface for Barack’s fifth and sixth terms.
If the leaked reports presumably from the IC about Barack’s pre-presidency sexuality are accurate; and the wide speculation about Michelle being a male are equally accurate as was once posited by a now dead Joan Rivers, it means that ‘Dynastic Bush’ paved the way for Michelle with the entire trans agenda years in advance.

Otherwise the trans agenda and now pervasive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policies, which is the umbrella for everything culturally wrecking the nation in the public and private sectors, would not have become compulsory or subject to federal and state funding.

Cultural Marxism is overturning fundamental aspects of humanity.
The Intelligence Community’s perception management operations are shoehorning and bullying the population into ‘trans acceptance’ so it can be shoehorned into accepting the first trans couple to occupy the White House for the third time.



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