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Men's Rights? Adorable

I don't want to be a doomer, but come on. Men's RIGHTS? No such thing exists.

As they say in the black pill community, "it's over".

/r/mensrights tried to lick feminist's asses to try and beg for scraps. What did that get them? They actively are trying to subvert, or destroy, anything that might actually give a man even a semblance of autonomy.

You have no rights, you only have the ability to withdraw from the conflict you will never, ever, win. You have responsibilities at best. So your choice is, worship the pussy. That's it.

And what rights would you even "fight" for? Equality?! BUA ha ahahahaha. Name all those rights. Come on now. Women have privileges, you have responsibilities. That is it. It's over.

You must live in the US to think there's any chance of getting "rights".

You think making women eligible for a "draft" that will never happen is a "win"?

Come on now.

I'm seriously not trying to be a dick, but it'll be removed from reddit like any group even vaguely being about men. At all. Reddit hates you. Women hate you. It's over. Have you been paying attention? If you have dick, it's over. Stop worry about shit you'll never solve. Just walk away.

I'd recommend you go the MGTOW way, at this point, use the legal system when you need to, ignore most morality to support your goals, and just walk away from the whole bullshit.

Why MGTOW? Because women, who hate you by the way, are only affected when you don't marry, cohabitate, or give them money.

You will never, ever, impress a woman by fighting for "your" rights, whatever that means.

They simply do not care.

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Pride month exists because homosexuals are naturally ashamed of their degeneracy and generally hide their shameful acts...if homosexuals' had dignity or pride, they wouldn't need to tell people for a month every year.

Guess who has dignity and pride? Straight, white, men.

Every day is pride day for us.