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This website is devoted to exposing the Truth concerning the Father of all Lies "Saturn's Cube Box". All major religions worship it. Their False law of deception originates from it. I am going to show you everything is in Fact a Fraudulent Lie in order to control you. The question you need to ask yourself is why do they need to control you? That's because you have not yet discovered who and what you truly are that they wish to control. I can not show you every thing and in minute detail because it would take to long and it would overwhelm you. However, I am aware because the Universe/Superconsciousness has shown me and made me aware and now I am making you aware in order so you can begin to change your reality by changing yourself or your awareness.
The Earth is a prison and your physical body is the cell to this prison and it traps you here within this reality. You may be in fact within a Hologram which you perceive as real and it is NOT! Further, "they" are NOT aliens from outer space nor even ghosts. "They" are the fallen angels known as the watchers. Their disembodied by-product are known as the nephilum. "They" had access to the Earth even before the time of "Adam"/Atom (human kind). The nephilum are commonly referred to as the demons . "They" can shape shift into any physical form both animate and inanimate objects. You are in fact fallen in this physical form and they have access to this reality and work through their agents to influence/control you through your physical body form to extract both your physical and emotional energies which is then sent back to Saturn/Satan. The reason for this? To eventually harvest your Soul, insert it into another embryo, and start the process all over again in another physical body. Some refer to it as Reincarnation. This is the first level of Hell (the prison).