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INITIATIVE HAPPI PLAN (CALCULATIONS : ) How Any State or Country can Turn $5 Billion in Copper, Into $22 Trillion In Goldbacks and Platinum-Back Foil Notes for the Help All People & Planet Initiative (HAPPI PLAN)!

When you can Turn $5 Billion Dollars into 22 Trillion Dollars worth of Gold & Platinum Foil Money Notes…Gold-Backs & Platinum-Backs (Platbacks), MONEY IS NO OBJECT!

And in this Amazing Post…States, Countries and Citizens, will find out HOW.

Resonate Frequency Technology of Copper to Gold, produces (2) Precious Metals in Equal Amounts…Gold and Platinum.

Dr. Joe Champion’s Low-Energy, Resonate Frequency Technology produced 50 Pounds of Gold and Platinum, (25 Pounds each), from 100 Pounds of Copper.

WORLD GOLD-BACK HAPPI PLAN: STATE GOLDBELT PROPOSAL! The First Groups of States have been selected by the TDP to Help Lead the Charge into the New Golden Age of Humanity.

The New Golden Age of Humanity in it’s most Basic Form, gives Low-Cost, Man-Made, Pure Gold to ALL ADULTS willing to follow a few Simple Rules. In it’s most Basic Form, it’s really that simple.

There is nothing Physically stopping this from happening. This is all about Attitudes, Beliefs and Personal Freedoms.

Be willing to Grant All Others Gold and Freedom, and you and your Family, will be Granted Gold and Freedom.

Deny Others Gold and Freedom, and Gold and Freedom will be Denied to you and your Family also. “It’s That Simple.”

The Low-Energy Resonance, Copper to Gold Conversion Process will not be hard to Locate and Replicate at the State & University Level, or for some of the Chosen Governments like Russia and India.

This is not a Physical Battle, this is a Mental Battle. It’s a Battle Of Beliefs…Freedom Versus Slavery.

And the Winners will Determine whether the Human Species is Worth Saving or Not.

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THE HAPPI PLAN OVERVIEW: The Help All Peoples & Planet Initiative (QUICK VIEW) 5 Parts: The Goldback Plan, New Cheap Energy, Rebuilding Manufacturing W/ Citizens First Employment, Direct Democracy at All Governance Levels and the New State Defense Initiatives (SDI).

The Cost is The Promise to Help All People, Peoples, States and Countries Achieve a Minimum Good, American Middle Class Standard of Living and to Respect the Environment in doing so.

The Cost is to Recognize the Full Bodily Autonomy of All Human Beings; Adults, Children and Babies.


THE GOLDBACK INITIATIVE involves showing States & Countries how to cheaply create 50 Pounds of High Grade Gold & Platinum (25 Pounds Each) from 100 Pounds of Copper.

Scaled-Up, States and Countries can turn this Gold & Platinum into Currency/Money to Fund Govt. & Create Adult Economic Stimulus Plan(s) that will help any State or Country…not only Economically Recover, but grow to New Economic Heights of Prosperity.

BASICALLY, All Adult Citizens of a State or Country will get a Pre-Determined Amount of Real Goldback Money.

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Attacks Against States

A growing number of States are coming under Attack from Suspected Satellite Based (DEW) Directed Energy Weapons, including Laser and Micro-Wave Weapons.

These Space-based DEW Directed Energy Weapons can and do cause Wildfires, Directly Destroy Homes and Cars and cause Earthquakes and Violent Storms.
The answer is simple; Let each Free State Defend itself with a Laser Defense Grid System capable of Detecting, Engaging and Destroying any Attacking Satellite(s), ICBM’s Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles.

Four Sites Per Free State, Hardened against Laser & Micro-Wave Attacks, should work.

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They have Money for Ukraine, Money for Illegals, Money for Foreign Countries…But tell one of the most Powerful Armies in the World to ‘Apply for Food Stamps!’ Really?! And this is after They Mandated Poison for them.

There are some things in the World you just don’t do…And that’s one of them. They are Practically Pushing the U.S. Army to Our Cause…With both hands and a Boot.

This is actually a move to put the Entire U.S. Military behind the HAPPI Plan Goldback Initiative.

All the Branches of the U.S. Military; Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard were originally Branches of the Army. So by Signalling out the U.S. Army is actually sending out a Signal to the Entire U.S. Military Rank and File.

But this move wouldn’t of worked using only the Air Force, Marines or Navy as the Catalyst . Brilliant!
I’m glad we have an opportunity (Plan) to bring the U.S. CORPORATION onboard.

It should be well known that the TDP <True Democracy Party> doesn’t consider the U.S. Corporation to be the Legal Government of the Sovereign States.

We consider Them a Corporation only…a Business. And we will Deal with Them as a Corporate Business. This could be a Win Win situation for all of US.

They have something we want, need and are willing to Pay for…In Gold.

. Basic Calculations show it’ll take approx. ( 2 ) Two Years to Build all the Gold Producing Apparatus and Additional Infrastructure and for the Gold to Start To Flow.

Our Proposal is that the U.S. GOV./U.S. Treasury provide $2,000 Per Month, No Strings Attached Loans, to all those who sign up for their States HAPPI Plan Goldback Initiative.

The Loans will be Re-Paid Back In-Full at $500 Dollars Per Month in Pure Goldbacks to the U.S Treasury, as soon as People start to Receive their Gold, Approx. ( 2 ) Years. Payback Time Approx. ( 8 ) Eight Years.

Basically, this is a Paper for Gold Deal.