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INITIATIVE HAPPI PLAN (CALCULATIONS : ) How Any State or Country can Turn $5 Billion in Copper, Into $22 Trillion In Goldbacks and Platinum-Back Foil Notes for the Help All People & Planet Initiative (HAPPI PLAN)!

When you can Turn $5 Billion Dollars into 22 Trillion Dollars worth of Gold & Platinum Foil Money Notes…Gold-Backs & Platinum-Backs (Platbacks), MONEY IS NO OBJECT!

And in this Amazing Post…States, Countries and Citizens, will find out HOW.

Resonate Frequency Technology of Copper to Gold, produces (2) Precious Metals in Equal Amounts…Gold and Platinum.

Dr. Joe Champion’s Low-Energy, Resonate Frequency Technology produced 50 Pounds of Gold and Platinum, (25 Pounds each), from 100 Pounds of Copper.

WORLD GOLD-BACK HAPPI PLAN: STATE GOLDBELT PROPOSAL! The First Groups of States have been selected by the TDP to Help Lead the Charge into the New Golden Age of Humanity.

The New Golden Age of Humanity in it’s most Basic Form, gives Low-Cost, Man-Made, Pure Gold to ALL ADULTS willing to follow a few Simple Rules. In it’s most Basic Form, it’s really that simple.

There is nothing Physically stopping this from happening. This is all about Attitudes, Beliefs and Personal Freedoms.

Be willing to Grant All Others Gold and Freedom, and you and your Family, will be Granted Gold and Freedom.

Deny Others Gold and Freedom, and Gold and Freedom will be Denied to you and your Family also. “It’s That Simple.”

The Low-Energy Resonance, Copper to Gold Conversion Process will not be hard to Locate and Replicate at the State & University Level, or for some of the Chosen Governments like Russia and India.

This is not a Physical Battle, this is a Mental Battle. It’s a Battle Of Beliefs…Freedom Versus Slavery.

And the Winners will Determine whether the Human Species is Worth Saving or Not.



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