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English the language of Jesus & the tribes of Israel.

According to official history* the English language came about in the 400’s - 500’s AD.
After the end of Roman rule in 410 AD.

The “lost tribes of Israel” eventually migrated to Britannia. At the time it was one of the farthest places removed from their origins when they settled and conquered. There they kept the name of the country Britain and assumed the British identity to hide their true origins. They maintained their native tongue – English.

The tribes maintained a presence in the countries they conquered on the way to Britain. The names of countries were unchanged. They assumed the identity of the people and learned the language of those countries – to cover their tracks.

They conquered and rule all the nations. The vast majority of the populations do not belong to them. They are 1% of the world population, 43 million.

* History is written by, for & about them

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The Sovereign Lord Almighty: to all the nations in the early hour

* Prepare to advance on all those posturing against Him and the population.
* Immediately commandeer the media (the False Prophet); mainstream & alternative – to cease the flow of lies & deceit.
* Oust them from their lofty perches, self-appointed positions, government positions (ALL Political PARTIES), the generals, high to low ranking traitors, their clergy, corporate, science/history experts, medical community, and all who plot to destroy this nation!
* Surround them on all sides; round them up and herd them into holding areas – where they out-process. Account for every man, woman & child:  14,270,410 in the United States. Do this in ALL the nations; world-wide total: 42,811,230.
* They are hereby stripped of their citizenship.
* Immediately cease all wars. Put an end to violence and division. 
* All debt is hereby erased.  Their wealth and property are for the citizens to plunder.
* Health with longevity is restored.  Soil and bodies of water are restored.

Immediately following the early hour:

* Destroy all their high places, idols, detestable images, names & symbols!
* Dismantle their institutions. Burn their books; abolish science, history written by, for & about them. Destroy all their media.
* Cleanse the food & water supply; eliminate all that were NEVER intended for human consumption. Destroy their man-made poisons; chemicals, nano-particles, vaccines, fertilizer, pesticide.
* Those brought in under false pretenses are to return to their own countries where they will be administered to. (They came because their own countries were destroyed, and now they will heal.)

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Mass population die-off is set to commence now -- the cover is evolution & global warming frauds. The abomination that causes desolation spoken of through Daniel 2,500 years ago. His return is imminent when the population nears 214 million.

NORAD and USNORTHCOM mission is to detect, deter & destroy Him and those arriving with Him from Heaven -- He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him. The false scenario of UFO & alien-enemy invasions is the cover for their attack plan against Him.
To The Iron Poisoned Population, 200 MILLION in the USA: Senior leaders, officers, Medical Community & many among you indicate they will receive the MMR, aka COVID-19 vaccine, to demonstrate it is safe. They are 6.66% of the population, 14.3 Million. The vaccine cannot harm them as they do not have iron poisoning. Viruses need the oxygen iron attracts to survive and replicate, and if no iron/oxidation is present, the vaccine parasites (viruses) die off naturally.

The 200 Million: Everyone born after 1945 had at least one MMR vaccine, containing a Measles parasite with a high replication rate. Current high iron levels & oxidation rates are unprecedented, stimulating the vaccine parasite to rapidly replicate; as evidenced in the surge of deaths & hospitalizations. COVID-19 is the cover.
Disease is not contagious; Diseases are Symptoms -- Iron Poisoning is the Cause

In a healthy person, without iron poisoning, parasites (viruses) die off naturally. Nearly 95% of the population is iron poisoned and infected with parasites. Iron attracts oxygen, needed by parasites for survival & replication inside the host. Disease locations correlate to iron deposit sites and parasitic activity.