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SerialBrain2 #wingnut #conspiracy voat.co

Did you listen to the last two speeches of the Maestro during his stay in Japan?

Ending his 2019 visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, the Maestro stopped by the JS Kaga with Prime Minister Abe where he made his first speech at 9:25 AM local time. Then, at 11 AM, he addressed Japanese and US troops on the USS Wasp.

As usual, he gave us very important information from the battlefield but also informed us of what is coming soon.


The JS Kaga speech was mainly about security and was an opportunity for POTUS to pray for the victims of the stabbing attack that happened earlier in the morning in Tokyo link. You know what’s going on right? The black hats are flexing their muscles to force negotiations on DECLAS.

Q3113 What occurred the last time a countdown was presented? [FF] Do you believe in coincidences? Never interfere with an enemy…….. Ammunition is hard to come by. Q

Keep reading, you’ll soon see this is not me speculating.

First, the Maestro mentions Happy Memorial Day twice. Solving HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY=182 and memorial+stabbing attack, you hit the famous gun shape drop Q1440 with its 4 BOOMS, the price to pay (BLACKOUT) and this very important line: A WEEK TO REMEMBER. We are informed something historic is about to happen. Then, the Maestro says about the crew of the JS Kaga: “They love this ship. You all love the ship, right? You feel good about it, don't you? I do too. I feel very safe on this”. Did you solve? JS Kaga? Love? He’s talking about JameS Komey! You caught this ‘love’ was about the Mueller/Comey episode of the FISAGATE soap opera right? What do we do next? Since we know we are in Comey’s comms area, we use the Q645 translation template to decode the Maestro. He’s essentially saying: “Comey and his buddies are on a sinking ship and they know it. They are not feeling safe because they know what’s coming”. Do you now see the connection with the stabbing attack? You now know that Comey, just like J. Kerry or Michael, is a sleeper cell operator: since Japan has joined the Alliance, they will try whatever they can to destabilize it. This is the reason this JS Kaga event was scheduled at 21:25 POTUS DC time. We go to Q2125 and see it’s about the efficiency of the wall in Hungary, which is code for security measures taken against terrorism and destabilization. This is confirmed with the purchase of 105 stealth F-35s which, since MASONRY=105, is code for the infiltration of secret societies operating in Japan. The Maestro is revealing that tech and expertise is given to Japan to help them fight the Cabal. Here is the summarizing image:


The second speech was made at 22:00 POTUS DC TIME, we go to Q2200 and it’s about the dems offering to confirm Justice Kavanaugh in exchange for a pullback of DECLAS. This means the Cabal and its puppets are desperately trying anything they can to stop DECLAS and confirms the stabbing attack false flag. The Maestro started with: “At Ease! At Ease!” You know from this post that he’s referring to the Viv[a] L[e] Resistance network and the need to swap [a] and[e] to get the correct French orthography. SWAP? Now you know why the Maestro picked USS WASP.

The play on the letters [a] and [e] is also confirmed by the Maestro’s insistence throughout his speech on the words stEAlthy and stEAm. Did you catch that the ‘best submarines in the world’ were the anons who learned the comms? How about we have ‘plenty of time’? Yes: he’s promising plenty of jail time to members of the Viva le Resistance network. Then he says: ‘steam has only worked for about 65 years’. This 65 is referring to James Comey when he said this: videoYouTube. Why? Because WEASEL=65. Knowing this, you can solve the 900 million cost overruns on the electric catapult with the 3 matches for 900 in





Do you know who the Maestro is talking about here? He’s talking about Satanists. How do I know? Because Comey coded his response for his brothers and sisters in the image used in his latest Wapo op-ed. Did you notice how he wrote ‘dumb lies’ in the title to send the message he wanted to make a DL=deal? Read his decoded message very carefully:


Now look how the Maestro shows a picture of McCabe and announces that the dead cat is about to bounce:


In the next tweet, he reveals who the cat is:


And just in case you still have doubts, he doubles down and asks you to be ready:


And this morning, the Maestro started the day reminding us that he always keeps his promises:


Do you still have doubts? The BOOMS are coming, buckle up:


Q2344 Are you ready to see arrests? Are you ready to see PAIN? Are you ready to be part of history? Q

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Wahaha philmchawk #homophobia #transphobia #sexist voat.co

Who invented the concept that human life has an inherent value anyway? Used to be tranny, faggots and other mentally ill people were just killed off. Entertainment in Rome was literally death games. What happened?

Women got the right to vote/more power. Women are lower in foresight and higher in empathy so they try to "help" them.

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Native #fundie voat.co

[stickied post on /v/TheRedPill]

It's Called "Trojan Condoms" Because You Are Destroying Your Future and History

Why is it called Trojan Condoms, when Trojans were infamous for having their home destroyed by letting in the Greek Horse full of troops?

The truth is in plain sight. The Condoms are called "Trojans" because everytime you use it, you destroy your future. You destroy your heritage by making yourself infertile.

Never use condoms because 1. It gives you the option of having sex with terrible women that you'd never want to have kids with 2. Condoms make you retarded and robs you of the purpose of sex. Which is to have kids.

Food for thought

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TheAntiZealot #conspiracy voat.co

The goal is not to boost the economy, it's to destroy civilization and bring the world into the same state as in the Dark Ages but with electronics and atheism.

Borrowing, spending, inflation, taxes, debt, border security, drug wars, climate change, these are all just tools.

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Hippie_Housewife #transphobia voat.co

Honestly, I don't think VS will ever stoop as low as to fully cater to GetWoke shit, and I disagree on this being a stupid decision. Yes, they did hire a transgender model, but that's a transgender woman who... y'know...actually looks like a woman

They have already stooped that low and fully catered. Hiring a man to walk in their women's lingerie is rock bottom, dude. That's not a "woman". That's a man who's had surgery and hormones, and probably comes fully loaded with lots of mental health issues. What is this "she". That's a "he".

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Civil_Warrior #racist voat.co

I'm beginning to think that maintaining our present identities is a fruitless endeavor if we can't even be sure who we actually are. Jew, African, European, etc: What does it all mean if 143 THOUSAND years of modern human history is being concealed from us? Look at how fast civilizations (not just white) of old progressed and tell me that you legitimately believe that we played in the dirt for the majority of our existence.

Jews. The answer is always goddamn jews we forgot to kill.

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/u/Native #fundie voat.co

[stickied post] It's Called "Trojan Condoms" Because You Are Destroying Your Future and History

Why is it called Trojan Condoms, when Trojans were infamous for having their home destroyed by letting in the Greek Horse full of troops?

The truth is in plain sight. The Condoms are called "Trojans" because everytime you use it, you destroy your future. You destroy your heritage by making yourself infertile.

Never use condoms because 1. It gives you the option of having sex with terrible women that you'd never want to have kids with 2. Condoms make you retarded and robs you of the purpose of sex. Which is to have kids.

Food for thought

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refugee610, Workman, SithEmpire #wingnut voat.co

refugee610: “And to think I used to be one of the ones mocking the social conservatives for their warnings. If there are any old-timer social conservatives reading this: I'm sorry, I was wrong.”

Workman: “Not an old timer, but reactionaries have been sounding the alarm bell since 1789, maybe someday people will listen to us.”

SithEmpire: “The only fallacy in the term "slippery slope fallacy" is the word 'fallacy'.”

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EffYouJohnPodesta #conspiracy voat.co

Study Shows Most Sex Offenders, Pedophiles, and Rapists are actually Autogynephiles (the "T" in LGBT)

I'm not Homophobic at all. But I believe the very term "transgender" was designed to detract the attention away from fetishism and self-mutilation, as well as sexual violence. I think that the movement to tranny-fy our children is a sign of the pedophilic roots of some of autogynephilia. I fear what will happen to our children if we don't address this disturbing movement of transgenderism that harkens to the Baphomet.


88% of the transgender population, those people who are protected by gender identity and gender expression laws, are, as reported by their own advocacy organizations, males with a psychosexual disorder. (1)

Many men with psychosexual disorders practice their fetish in the privacy of their own homes. But as many as 13,946,348 of them in the US, at the time of this writing, will be free to practice their fetish in public, in front of your children, in women’s locker rooms, in the girls bathroom at school. (2) This will be enabled by current and pending transgender legislation throughout the US. (3).

Transgender fetish is the largest sexual disorder reported in convicted sex offenders.(4) Almost 100% of convicted sex offenders have a documented history of transvestism, crossdressing, free-dressing, Autogynephilia, transsexualism – in other words: TRANSGENDER.

60% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their primary paraphillia (a parapillia is a psychological sex disorder). Of the remaining fetishists, such as pedophiles, rapists, etc., 60% of those sex offenders have transgender fetish as their secondary parapillia, in addition to their primary disorder. Finally, 40% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their tertiary (3rd) fetish among multiple disorders.

Transgender sex disorders are the leading indicator of criminal sexual behavior.

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Intelligitimate #racist voat.co

Mention trannies have autogynephilia, get banned by Zionist faggot moderators at /r/communism.

I was finally banned from /r/communism again, this time because a mod on /r/communism was reading /r/EnoughCommieSpam and liberal faggot Zionists were complaining that my comments didn't treat trannies who masturbate to themselves in the mirror as real women


If the Zionist faggot moderators at /r/communism had to choose between trannies and Mugabe, they'd nuke Zimbabwe to uphold the identity of men who masturbate to images of themselves in the mirror dressed as women.

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fschmidt #sexist voat.co

(In response to this)

As I wrote on reddit: Considering that rape is a crime against women, the female definition of rape is actually the correct one. It makes no sense to apply male logic here. For more:


To expand on this, women have no more idea of what makes them happy than children do. If you allow children to freely pursue their own happiness, they will conclude that unlimited candy is the answer which will just make them sick and miserable. It is much the same with women as endmylifeasap showed:


When women complain about rape, it is because men have failed to organize society in a way that meets women's needs. In a sane patriarchal society, women do not complain about rape. And this is why the female definition of rape is the most relevant.

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Emergency Nation #fundie voat.co

Service guarantees citizenship - how to become a citizen


File: https://mega.nz/#!gH5EBQCB!wbEXvG8loax21ce9gVax-HdjYIQeGW3clw_3lRFXlps

(Image form: /v/emergencynation/2891657)

PDF sha256 hash: 74b4a99b948f43109774c029b53873088f439231b428d858be1e7bbe0240f268

Signature: IBup9rqBKgn8o7BsK0gT+M+If2z3Il3rBOmhXmllcDuDdVcOVbPYdUXneL5fw1//3dSd6zfzi4oOkEuiqXAewJ0=

Signing address: XfxrnY6RWxjB6sqA1kZWafAjWtZug6fzBX

The short version of our constitution is that it would restore male authority, economic freedom, parental rights and it would banish violent religions such as Islam and Marxism.

We would establish our new nation by preferably buying or inhabiting remote territory. In other words we don't have to wait for the world to end or convince half the population - we can organize and rebuild now!

To truly join our cause you must become a citizen.

According to our constitution there are two ways to become a citizen. You can either pay the tax which is currently 5 dollars for 1 year of citizenship or you can do some volunteer work.

This is to insure that everyone that votes has a stake in the society and prevent socialists from joining. Only male citizens get to vote.

(Important legal notice: The UK and other Western nations are starting to lock people up for thought crime, join us only using a unique Voat account over TOR. Direct contact over BitMessage using the following address is also an option: BM-2cVyxL3UgYZNJ7SHvzWRWWGErAimzsXymd)

Paid citizenship

If you choose to pay you may transfer 5 dollars worth of Dash to the following address. Observe that this address will change after each election (31/12).


Citizenship through service

Right now our top priority is spreading the message and assembling an army for our self defense. Once we reach sufficient size as a movement we can transition into a real world state by imposing our law in zones of anarchy or by buying territory.

Are you as tired of watching civilization slide slowly to ruin as the rest of us? Then let's get this phase over with as soon as possible.

Here are the ways you can currently help: (only one option of your own choice is necessary!)

• Direct reddit and voat users to the pdf of our constitution or this subverse (3 link referrals minimum).
• Offer to provide assistance (such as counting votes, mod duty and other administrative tasks).
• PM /u/7e62ce85 a picture of a weapon and/or body armor you own along with a piece of paper with your username.
• Offer to allow 1 fellow citizen in need per year to stay for up to 1 month at your place and sleep on a couch or on the floor.

Other information about citizenship

To avoid voter fraud or being shut down you must¹ use these two apps:

• Dash digital cash wallet (core version).
• BitMessage.

Even if you provide services instead of paying taxes you must sign your votes with a Dash key. Do not worry, this will work even if you have no Dash at all.

Once you are a citizen your BitMessage key will be added to our citizens mailing list in case Voat is shut down.

1: If you vote using BitMessage only you can skip installing and using Dash.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are you serious?

A: Yes. I'm working on this full time now and I have 500K USD I can spend on this.

Q: Do you think this will work?

A: That depends entirely on how many citizens we can muster. We have a vast advantage over the rest of the alt right movement in that we don't have to convince half the population of some communist or democratic country. We only need enough to start over somewhere in the world. There are a lot of deserted areas on the planet if you can defend them. There are also many poor nations that might sell territory.

Q: How can we possibly rebuild civilization from scratch?

A: We don't have to. We can buy machines for producing food, energy and water on the open market. We can even buy pre-fab houses. This is the absolutely easiest part of the whole operation. The hard part is finding people to do it with and with who to defend it!

Q: How will we earn money to buy things we can't produce ourselves in the long run?

A: Almost as soon as we control our own territory we can offer three insanely valuable products: Legal surrogacy, legal advanced biotech and free finance.

Technologies such as CAR-T cells, DRACO and CRISPR have already been invented. All these technologies need is a regulatory safe space which our constitution can provide.

Men wishing to have children that they are actually allowed to raise or men seeking legal surrogacy should also be drawn to our nation.

Our nation could also serve as a tax haven for foreign companies and raise money that way.

Would you like to know more?

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halinflorida #conspiracy voat.co

The Yinon Plan seems to me (and this is the first time I've seen it) like part of an elaborate ruse. Here's why.

They talk about the evils of communism and nuclear war and use it to justify certain behavior on the part of Israel but in fact, the same Zionists who created Israel also created the USSR and also Nazi Germany.

There are no words...

Trigger warning: Graphic depiction of rape

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Anonymous #fundie voat.co

Note: this quote was originally presented on two separate pages. The first part is linked directly below; the second part is linked in the attribution.

I have a tinder date this Saturday night, and I want to rape her...

My girlfriend of 5 years recently broke up with me, and by recently I mean 4 days ago. I feel suicidal and feel like I have nothing to lose by doing this. I've always had fantasies of raping a woman, so I figured I might as well do it now. I have an exit plan if I get caught, and I wouldn't mind ending it if that happens. I've never done this in the past because I didn't want to ruin my life, but I just don't care anymore. I started using tinder for the sole purpose of finding a woman that I can act out my fantasies on.

I'm planning on getting her drunk and having her come back to my house. I'm about a foot taller than her, so holding her down should be no issue. I don't know if that's a good way to proceed. Any suggestions?


It’s been a week, and I wanted to update last Sunday, but I’ve been too afraid to say anything. This is really stupid, but I know I truly have nothing to lose at this point. I did it. She almost didn’t come back to my house at the end of the date, but I was able to convince her I had no ill intentions. I could tell she didn’t really want to, but did it out of politeness. She was pretty tipsy when it happened. We started fooling around on the couch, but she wasn’t looking to have sex. I kept going and pushing her boundaries. She kept telling me to slow down, and she was getting more annoyed. I could tell she wanted to leave and before she could get the chance, I got on top and pinned her and kept kissing on her neck. She was resisting and telling me to get off of her. I ignored her. I was thinking I should stop, but I felt like I had gone too far already, and I had wanted to do this for years.

It eventually turned into her begging me to stop which got me going like crazy... About a minute or two in she stopped resisting and just kept on sobbing. It felt too good for me to feel bad about what I was doing at the time, but after I finished I regretted it. I could really see what a mess she was emotionally. As soon as I got off of her, she rushed to get dressed and get her stuff and go. I didn’t want to let her leave since I was afraid of what she would do, so I stood between her and the door. She was crying and shaking and hyperventilating and was clearly really afraid of me. She wouldn’t let me near her, and I could see in her face how scared she was, so I just decided to back off and let her leave. I knew I was prepared to deal with the consequences, so I just accepted it. I could see her on her phone before she disappeared around the corner and was sure the police would be at my door that night. I had my gun and was absolutely ready to kill myself that night.

This past week I’ve been laying low. I haven’t been to work. I’ve barely left the house. There has been no contact on either side. She’s blocked me on everything. She hasn’t made any social media updates since that day, so I don’t know what she’s thinking or planning. I’m still ready to go though. I really have nothing to live for.

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saintdindu #racist voat.co

A history of niggers in America

Our journey begins in the year 1500 on the storied continent of Africa:

Flies on your face. No decent food or shelter. Same shit everyday. The urge to sing the blues but there are no instruments. The urge to play ball but alas- no hoop. Violence and disease everywhere.

Enter jews:

You are forcibly transferred to a gentler climate and made to work. This goes on for three hundred years.

Re-enter jews: They set you free! Ma lawd!

Fast forward to 1950 America:

Amazing food. Reasonable accomodations. Actual doctors. Incredibly diverse set of delicately tuned instruments. Beautifully designed games to play. You discover that you are thriving! They like the way you be playin! You wear tailored suits and drive a Cadillac.

Enter jews: you realize you still arent really free. We gots to be fightin.

The year 2010: you are finally really really free. You have a black president and shit. Athletes and rappers make millions. That money surely lifts up the ghetto and none of these rich niggers ever get in trouble. They is escaped the cycle. You have total control over several major cities but they are shit now because all you inherited was a perfectly designed infrastructure and the means to run it. More gibs and this would be wakanda.

Reenter the jew: you realize that your most violent nigglets cant even beat up their bus driver and the neighborhood watch man in the same week while high on sizzurp without getting shot.

Thats when you realize you are still not really free and never will be. Whitey will never quit holding you down. Stole you from the motherland and all you get is shot for walking down the street with your pants down rapping and then running at a cop after he tases you 3 times. After all this you cant even shoot up a neighborhood and then try to run and jump a fence into an old ladys yard. They will shoot you before you ever even take the old lady hostage and rape her. You aint even got a chance.

You'd give anything to be back in the mudhut, beating a bongo with the flies and da elephants.

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wigson #racist voat.co

Angry niglet tried staring me down

This weekend I was walking into a store from the parking lot and passed by an SUV parked outside on the curb. Of course it was playing awful rap music. There was a 6 or 7 year old kid in the backseat sticking his head out of the window. He looked at me so I looked back. The kid stared harder so I held my gaze and smiled at him.

What is it called when you see the blood rush a groid's face and they start fuming? That's what happened when I smiled back at the niglet. He couldn't handle me holding the stare and chimped out. It was the same angry face you see in adult blacks when they don't get what they want or get ready to thug out. I kept smiling until I couldn't see the kid anymore. I half expected one of the other entrepreneurs in the car to get out and say, "Whatchu say to mah kid you cracka ass muh fuckah!?"

White kids and toddlers usually smile and say hi. The black ones always stare angrily. They don't just learn this behavior, it's in their genes.

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475677 #fundie voat.co

[context: write down what policy you want to see after a second American civil war]

Woman don't get to vote or work as they get in the way of raising a family.

Absolutely no dual citizenship as it splits your loyalty.

Gun ownership and training are mandatory.

Free speech is unconditional.

Tariffs at the border to protect local industries on price so quality becomes the deciding factor on purchases.

Abolition of permanent welfare except for the disabled. It should be limited to no more than half a year per person.

No difference in the minimum wages between children and adults to encourage employers to hire adults and kids to stay in school.

A single nation wide wholesale fiber network to replace all the copper, cable, etc. that only sells to ISPs at cost which then compete with one another at a national level so prices and services for all telecommunications are equal nationwide.

All drugs are legal for adults and weed for 16+. I don't like the idea of kids smoking dope but they'll find a way of getting fucked up one way or another so being the least evil of all the drugs it would be a method of harm reduction. If anyone got caught supplying other drugs to kids the punishment would be drug free amputation of their dominant hand and if it happened again they'd be publicly hung as a traitor to the community.

Race mixing would be a crime or at the very least go back to the extremely shameful act it was considered 50 years ago.

Jews get expelled/thrown into ovens.

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bourbonexpert #racist voat.co

whenever a nignog argues "it cause i black ain't it!!!?" i always think of this.

I love that fucking cop out excuse...its the default answer to any challenge to their invented reality.

Ya, I dislike you and avoid you because of your skin color, it has nothing to do with your loud rude and aggressive culture that you pridefully wear on your sleeve. It has absolutely nothing to do with your total lack of concern for anyone other than yourself when listening to your shitty music loud enough to wake up my toddler in my car at the gas station, or your fucking cell phone on speaker in the morning on the bus when everyone else is reading or being quiet..

Totally has nothing to do with the reality that most people normal people wouldn't dare ask you to change your behavior because you would take it as a personal affront to your existence causing you to want to fight no matter if it was a 13 year old or a 60 year old. Nope, nothing to do with the reality that many of you in "your community" are so repulsed by gay men that you have to say "no homo" when giving another man a compliment on his clothing or hair.

It most certainly has nothing to do that if I'm walking down the street and I cross paths with more than 3 of you, there's a 90% change of you or your buddies will make an insulting comment toward me and 100% if I'm with a woman. No, none of that has anything to do with it...It's your skin color.

Give me a fucking break.

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frustr_ted #racist voat.co

I wish people would admit that Blacks aren't like us

They have no empathy, they can't think, they don't even take care of their young. I'd love to see an #AdmitIt or #NotLikeUs campaign (like #MeToo) with anecdotes about all the times nogs who've stolen, gotten in the way, chimped out, ruined neighborhoods etc over the years.

AdmitIt, when the Blacks started moving in, you started planning your move out.
AdmitIt, it's not the white tenants leaving chicken wing bones in the stairwells. #NotLikeUs #FilthyAnimals
AdmitIt, you don't want your daughter in the same classroom as a pack of Black boys.

It's only Monday and it's already a terrible week of having to interact with nogs.

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whiterknight #racist voat.co

Shower Thought: The grizzly bear is the California state animal, but the grizzly bear is extinct in California. Lets change our state animal to the nigger.

Then we can declare nigger hunting season open, and issue hunting licenses. This also helps with any state budget issues.

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SmokeyMeadow #racist voat.co

My story begins with me finding true love. She was beautiful, and every bit as racist as me. She was the love of my life, and I wanted desperately for her parents to like me. Part of that included getting a job. Her dad ran a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in a nearby small town, and since he knew the manager of the store in the city, he pulled some strings and got me a job there.

So there I was, freshly employed at what I would come to learn was called the Niggly Wiggly, the all black ghetto grocery that no white people would dare set foot in. I was a cashier, and in my year of working there I learned a few things.

1) Every EBT card in circulation has been damaged to the point of being unable to be swiped. Most are held together loosely by cellophane tape. The unlucky cashier (me) would have to type the number out by hand, making the lines move just that much slower.

2) Niggers prefer soft pack cigarettes for some reason. The extra large 100 style Newports were popular with black women, and were called "cadillacs." Other blacks simply smoked Black and Mild cigarillos.

3) Niggers smell terrible, especially in the rain. The stink like dogs. And their money smells too, I would come home every day with my hands smelling of nigger money. Almost a metallic smell. It was gross.

4) Niggers will steal anything not nailed down. They will take any opportunity to scam the till. One old nigger tried to say I gave him change for a 20 when he gave me a hundred, but it was a lie. There were no hundreds in my till. I told him to fuck off.

5) Niggers hate white people. I gave up trying to count the amount of times people were shitty to me over being white. Let's just say it was a lot, and the feeling is now mutual.

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fatpeoplearegross #racist voat.co

We don't have a gun problem. We don't have a violence problem. We have a NIGGER problem.

Their culture is fundamentally broken. I don't think I need to get into specifics here but they problem starts with their (lack of) parents who are inept and incapable of raising children. Fuck them

When will this fucking world see they have a serious fucking problem!?

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Caamib #sexist voat.co

The word rape has various meanings today. Some, like the one which will be about its sane legal definition, are sadly mostly historical in current Western culture, though they still subsist in some saner cultures even today. So what are these definitions?

Sane definition of the act of rape - This definition is also consistent with Common Law ("Carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will") and even with evolutionary psychology (“Human copulation resisted by the victim to the best of her ability unless such resistance would probably result in death or serious injury to her or others she commonly protects” is the definition used by Thornhill & Palmer in A Natural History of Rape).

So rape can only be performed by a penis and of course women can't rape men.

Sane legal definition of rape - Sane legal systems differentiate between act of rape and a crime of rape. A sane legal definition of rape doesn't believe all acts of rape are crimes of rape. What nonsense would it be to believe that and to treat the whims of some sluts as actually defacing a virgin or a married woman !

A sane legal definition of rape would define rape as a property crime against the woman's father or husband. Also, rapes against prostitutes should be prosecuted. But it would certainly never account for rapes of sluts, and would consider raping a slut a justified response that should be praised, not persecuted.

Current insane definition of the act/crime of rape - I am saying act/crime of rape because insane modern Western cultures basically don't differentiate between the act of rape and a crime of rape. In any case, this definition had been, especially since 2000, expanded to include much more than just the actual act of rape. It now includes any form of coercion, inserting objects into sexual orifices, even the insane claim that a woman can rape a male ! There are feminists/liberals insane enough to believe Brock Turner raped some unconscious woman he fingered or that I raped a woman who offered my sex herself in a phone call, simply because I put her picture on my blog when she decided to torture me (as she later admitted herself).

An actual moral definition of rape used by feminists/liberals - this is what almost all feminists and liberals actually see as rape. It is defined as any act a straight white male does to get sex. Asking a woman out by a straight white male is rape to liberals. Going on a date if you're a straight white male is rape. On the other hand, no actual act of rape, even rape of smallest children, is rape if it is done by Sacred Classes like blacks, Muslims or Hispanics.

I will admit that there are some feminists and liberals who don't believe so, but these mostly stop calling themselves feminists or liberals once they realize what these ideologies are about.

It is also true that this definition isn't yet widely used in law but and police officers and judges who don't use this definition are seen as vermin by liberals and there are places in the West where it's slowly getting there .

Female definition of rape- Women simply define rape as sex they regret, and pay basically no intention to any other circumstances, including physical pain. So this definition is completely silly and shouldn't be regarded by anybody sane as anything more than what 5 year-old children think. That some legal systems are starting to bring this definition into equation (though usually by ignoring the sex with a member of Sacred classes females regret) is simply a symptom of a decaying society.

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absolutionist #sexist voat.co

The problem is quite simple:

Men are attracted to women who are on their level, and above, but women don't go like that. Women are only attracted to the top 20% of men. Women will never date someone on their level, or even a few levels above them, only the absolute best.

Women would rather have a small share of an alpha man than a beta man to herself. So that's what they do. They share the chads.

When they hit the wall they panic and realise they are actually subhuman scum and then settle for the nearest beta willing to support them while they continue to share chads dick with a 100 other women. They then cuckhold the beta with chads children.

TLDR women have unrealistic expectations regarding the partners they deserve, while men have realistic ones.

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Feminists are so overly concerned about what children play with because they are petrified of females being feminine. They like to cry that females have no power and need to be just like men. They are completely missing the point that females do have power but only through being feminine and by being submissive to the men whose care they are under (I work and make money but yes, I am still under my husband’s care) and by just being respectful.

I have witnessed my twenty something pound female toddler niece who is the definition of a “girly girl” completely and utterly wrap three grown men around her tiny finger just by being her sweet, submissive, honest, and feminine self.

Her father, grandfather, and uncle would all literally kill and risk their lives to protect her. She’s a child. She isn’t worried about or seeking power. She just knows she’s loved and she’s happy.

These feminist types should worry more about being deserving of that kind of love and devotion and less about what children are playing with.

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This is true but moreso a product of white nationalism. This was before we let millions of shitskins into white America. We had brotherhood then and a strong family focus. Jews were already in white America at this time. They had been working for years to bring demoralization to us.

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[In response to this article]

Sigh... I used to believe that the slippery slope argument was a fallacy. Turns out I was wrong. Let the fags marry and this shit actually IS next.

I've been wrong many times before, and I accept it gracefully, but this one hurts.

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Soros is Jewish. Epstein is Jewish. Roman Polanski is Jewish. Jimmy Seville is Jewish. Corey Feldman is Jewish. The Hollywood paedophile rings are Jewish. And many many more.

Here's the first Satanic band called Coven.


They're also the band that started using the devil horn hand gesture.


Well guess what, their producer Bill Traut was Jewish, as were at least two of the band members.

Bill Traut Jewish


Guess what else? He wrote songs for them including a 13 min black mass.

"The album concluded with a 13-minute track of chanting and Satanic prayers called "Satanic Mass" (written by their producer, Bill Traut, of Dunwich Productions, and described as "the first Black Mass to be recorded, either in written words or in audio")."


So now I've just proven that Jews started the Satanic music scene, which isn't surprising considering the fact that Satanic occultists are primarily Jews.

I'm still going to do more research into all this, but I already know what's up. Jews are Satanists. Jews worship the devil. The Torah Jews are the common Jews which listen to the Rabbis that study the Talmud (Rabbinical Judaism) and the top Rabbis are selected to study Khaballism, which is Satanism.

The Torah Jews are puppets to the Talmudists who are puppets to the Khaballists. Jews are Satanic.

I'm not religious, but look what Jesus said, who was a Jew btw.

" You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."


Ignoring all this religious stuff, the fact still remains that Jews invented Satanic music and the majority of Satanists are Jews.

Now here's a lead for you guys to investigate. The singer of Coven Jinx Dawson gave an interview where she admits her family is involved in the occult and politics and even names them.


She ultimately says that her Grandfather was a Free Mason and it's common knowledge that Free Masonry is a front for Judaism. I can show you statements made by both Rabbis and Masons where they admit that Free Masonry is based upon Judaism.

Let's take a look at their lyrics now.

" Infants' flesh they did offer For the prince to devour. Covens join, all combine, Powers strong, thoughts align. "

" The cheif of the circle, Known as Malchius drank the blood of a young baby Offered unto him. "

Malchus is a servant to a Jewish high priest.