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Radical Muslims love becoming a 'shahida' (martyr)for Islam. If that is the case, why don't we agree to give them exactly what they desire... a quick trip to HELL! I would like to see one Israeli hawk tell Ahmadinejihad that if there is any slight indication that Iran is building nuclear weapons, then Israel will turn Teheran into a Middle-east night-lite for 10,000 years. Death is the only thing these morons understand, so let's just give it to them!

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Party. As the piles of silent and butchered children mount in clinics across the land and as our scientists begin to brutally and methodically harvest the young; so that we, the old, might mumble 'Yet, I live' for a few more precious moments, before we must go wailing forever into eternity.

Party. As God is mocked and faith outraged by the increasingly vacuous and hedonistic world culture, the glory and crown of this, our generation.

Party. As belief in the existence of Good and Evil, as belief in right and wrong, as the understanding that there is a Standard and a Law which is beyond our capability to mold as we see fit - are all casually and with contempt swept away to make way for an rigid and mandatory conformity in unbelief and in the unthinking acceptance of evil and perversion of all kinds. Our itching burning desires are now OUR gods, we have no other gods before them, these, our own itching lusts. And sacrifices of scratchings do we offer, in vain frantic attempts to satisfy the maws of these insatiable and terrible gods. Funny how the itching never stops, no matter HOW much we scratch. It just gets worse and worse and worse . . .

So go on and party.

One thing, though.

A very long time ago, others, very much like us, partied just as hard. And just like us, sneered at the angry sky, sneered at the very thought of an actual Accounting to a 'God', how ridiculous, how utterly QUAINT, the very idea, a foolish and hopelessly outdated notion INDEED!

And, then, one night when the cup was quite full and overflowing, the rain began. And that rain kept falling for a very very long time, long after the parties had stopped and the voices had fallen silent.

So party on, like a good soldier, whether you be Republican, Democrat, Independent - whatever. But remember, as you party - keep an eye on the clock. The clock is ticking. Count on it.

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(In response to an article about stem cell research being done on hybrid cells)

This is not the first time. Human-rat and human-pig chimeras have been created and destroyed.

Mankind will continue to push the envelope.

I expect that the time period prior to destruction will gradually increase.

I predict eventually we will create an animal that has a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail. Or perhaps a bull's head on a human body or a horse-man centaur combination.

Science cannot logically be expected to refrain from pushing the envelope on these types of experiments as long as there is a strong atheistic tendency in science.

Without a belief in good or evil, there is no reason to refrain from experimenting on humans themselves.

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and i want to say that evolution has to be a load of bs. we had a cow born on our farm a few years back with 5 legs (two front and three back). it wasn't a better a cow. it kept tripping on it self and we had to put it down. we did get some extra steaks off that extra leg though!

and did any body see that dr. kennedy special on tv lately? from coral ridge ministry. did you know that darwin caused hitler? i didn't know that before and found it to be amazing and horrible.

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Since we are a democracy those things should have been voted on by the American people. If the American people wanted slavery we should have had the right to keep it. If the American people want to keep blacks from marrying whites we should be allowed to do so. The majority rules (guided by Biblical principles obviously).

Women should not be voting anyway. They're too inclined to make choices based on emotional appeal and they're easily deceived. According to Biblical principle the male heads of household should run the community and the nation (and the church). Each home should be granted one vote, which the eldest male should cast.

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(In response to the Japanese royal family's tradition of male only succession)

John Knox had it right in "The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women." The more recent examples of female regents notwithstanding, Paul's message is clear that men are to lead, and not women. It is even worse when considering the fact that, in the case of Mary Queen of Scots and Bloody Mary of England (Roman Catholics and the two women that Knox was most focused upon in his diatribe), the women took power and abused their power against Protestants. Paul says that it is improper for women to have authority over or to teach a man. This is not simply (as some suggest) a message to the Church that has nothing to do with how society is to be goverened; Paul speaks of a creation ordinance, not an ecclesiastical one.

Better to keep the genie in the bottle, as the Japanese are trying to do, rather than trying to undo the precent, which is impossible in the UK, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

It just goes to show what feminism has done to the Western world. We would do well to read Knox's work and wise up here and abroad.


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Without Western thought and civilization, whose backbone is Christianity, the world would be a dark place. Islam, liberalism, and Eastern philosophy and civilization have brought nothing good to the world, only evil. They are the forces of regression. They attempt to rob the world of all the progress Western Christianity has brought.

Democrats, of course, laud such religions, philosophies, and civilizations because they want to bring down America and the West.

Gene #fundie worldmagblog.com

(In response to the discussion topic of 'would you forgive a murderer?')

I'd offer my forgiveness (and reminder to him that he's going to hell anyway) about 10 seconds before the state flipped the switch executing him. Then I'd say a prayer of thanks to God for his execution and have a big old party celebrating it. That's how we Christians in Alabama handle forgiveness.

Gene #racist worldmagblog.com

We need to change some of our laws regarding illegal immigrants.

1. No schooling - children of illegal immigrants should not be allowed into our schools period. Every child should have to show proof of US citizenship before they can enroll in school.

2. No citizenship just because you are born on US soil. If an illegal immigrant has a child in the USA the child should also be considered illegal. Only a child who's parents are legal US citizens should they be granted citizenship.

3. No healthcare for illegals. If an illegal is sick, needs emergency care, or is dying, put them on a bus and drop them over the border. Let Mexico build a hospital on the border to care for them. But illegal immigrants should not ba allowed any medical care whatsoever in America.

4. No transfer of money to Mexico. The US government should prohibit the tranfer of any money to Mexico via electronic or paper transfer. Every Mexican that's exiting the US for Mexico should have their money confiscated at the border. If we cut off their ability to send money back to Mexico the illegals will leave.

5. No water barrels or feeding stations on the border. It should be a federal offense to give food, water, or any other type of aid to illegals. If enough of them die from thirst or hunger it will discourage others from coming. Make the conditions as bleak and harsh as possible. Churches and other non-profits should be required to report illegals just as they're required to report child abusers. If Christians want to help Mexicans, let them set up a ministry in Mexico.

6. Arm the border with the US military. If necessary, plant land mines. Use machine gun towers. Institute a "shoot to kill" policy for anyone trying to sneak across the border. Once a few Mexicans are knocked off the flood of illegals will be reduced to a trickle.

If we don't stop the brown horde from invading our country America will lose it's cultural and religious heritage. God bless the Minutemen who are working to defend our borders!

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[Rape and slavery justification in response to the following verse: Numbers 31:18. "But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves]

The Numbers passage you cite should be taken in context. Israel was directed to attack the Midianites because of their earlier misconduct with the men of Israel. Through the urging of the prophet Balaam, the Midianite women had been having sex with the Israelite men and led them into idolatry. Instead of destroying these adulterous women, the Israelite men captured the women and children, plus other spoils of battle.

Moses was angry that Israel had disobeyed God's commands and ordered them to execute these women who had caused Israel to sin against the Lord. The young girls were spared execution because they had not been involved in the adulterous sin. It was not that they were spared so that Israel could have committed sexual crimes with them. The New Bible Commentary says of the sparing of these girls that "they became part of the nation." There is nothing impure in this motive - simply an extension of God's grace.

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One problem with affirmative action is that it leaves people wondering whether their doctor, electrician, etc. is actually qualified--or if he was allowed to bypass some tests and take others an extra time or two with someone ignoring a few errors and letting him pass. Honestly, it does not help a group of people at all to say "the only way they can get into college/get a job is if we set aside the usual rules for this college/this profession." I know some very smart and very talented black people. But I honestly have a little hesitation in wondering whether a person met the usual standards. (My optometrist in Chicago was black; I do not hesitate to use black professionals. But then, optometry isn't life or death.)

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[In response to the question, 'Would you vote for Mitt Romney, even though he's a Mormon?']

How about if we substitute Muslim, Moonie, Wiccan for Mormon? I hope we never have to make that choice. It is too bad Christians in Oklahoma will have to do that.

Tim Bayly #fundie worldmagblog.com

Agreed, Eric. I don't think I'm being unfaithful to the commands of Scripture when I obey the civil authority when it comes to me in the form of a female law enforcement officer giving me a ticket or the queen knighting me. Rather, the question is whether I should intentionally seek to hire a female academic dean if I am the president of Columbia International University, whether I should take into account that the candidate for a judgeship here in Bloomington is female, or whether I should promote men and women into positions of authority in my business without respect to their sex.

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(Regarding Plan B)

But, I have heard that the pill causes abortion.
Do you remember starting a plant out of a lima bean in Kindergarten? You would get a clear cup, a paper towel and water and then press the bean between the rolled paper towel and cup. The bean that would become a plant would sprout out a little green, and look like a comma (if I remember correctly). That was life.
That's how I see a zygote, only infinitely more valuable. It's alive and becoming. That's how I see a zygote.

Carrie Gordon Earll #fundie worldmagblog.com

(In response to over-the-counter availability of Plan B for women 18 and over, but prescription only for teenagers)

"It's just irresponsible for the FDA not to see that," said Carrie Gordon Earll, senior analyst for bioethics at Focus on the Family Action. "What this is going to do, very likely, is give a free pass to older men who want to prey on younger girls for sexual behavior. Plan B, in essence, becomes a free ticket to prey on teenage girls."

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Wanting us to lose
Michael Barone concludes his excellent essay on America's covert enemies--those elites who promote multiculturalism, transnationalism, and moral relativism--with this paragraph: "We have always had our covert enemies, but their numbers were few until the 1960s. But then the elite young men who declined to serve in the military during the Vietnam War set out to write a narrative in which they, rather than those who obeyed the call to duty, were the heroes. They have propagated their ideas through the universities, the schools and mainstream media to the point that they are the default assumptions of millions. Our covert enemies don't want the Islamo-fascists to win. But in some corner of their hearts, they would like us to lose."

John #fundie worldmagblog.com

All of this just shows how discontent we are as Americans. I am blessed to be one of the "middle-class" and thank God everyday for the opoortunity to be so. So I know it seems like it is easy to say that, but what I ahve found is that those who are condsidered poor are more often content and grateful for what they have than middle calss folks. That is, they are until governement tells them they "deserve" more. All we truly deserve is death, so anything beyond that is a blessing.

Gene #fundie worldmagblog.com

The Democratic leftards hate Wal-Mart because they hate America and everything it stands for. The Democratic party is the home of the socialists, who will stop at nothing to destroy a sucess of capitalism like Wal-Mart.

Remember that the next you're in a voting booth and considering voting for a Democrat.

Gene #fundie worldmagblog.com

I stand by my principles that if a man raises a Godly family he will not be cursed with a gay kid. Scripture teaches that if we raise our children in the fear of the Lord, they will not depart from it. Thank you, Mrs. DMG for your support on this.

I can't believe the flack I'm getting for saying that I wouldn't allow my kid to remain in my home if he came home and told me he was gay. I would no more allow that than if he came home and told me he was on drugs or some other dangeous lifetsyle. As the father, I am responsible for keeping a Godly home. So how could I allow open sin to dwell in my home? While it would be a hard thing, I am still required to do the right thing by my family. If my child were young enough I would put them in a Christian facility until they were sufficiently treated. If they were older, I'd try to find someplace for them to go that would be safe.

In any event, as I said before, this is not something that's going to happen in my family. My daughter is 16 and defintely wants to be married. My son is 12, and he's no mammas boy. I'm raising him to be tough and defend himself. He's been in a few fights, but I'd rather have that way than being a sissy. And he knows what to do if a gay approaches him at school or anywhere else.

Gene #fundie worldmagblog.com

I would say that if there were a test that told me with certainty that my kid was going to be gay, I would still have it. I'd get it psychiatric help or something. And as their parent, I could make their life very difficult if they stubbornly insisted on being gay.

I can tell you this much - if either one of my kids ever comes home and tells me they're gay they'll be looking for a new place to live. It's totally incompatabile with a Godly home.

However, I also believe that God wouldn't give a family that is faithful to Him a gay kid in the first place. So I'm not too worried about that.

DR #fundie worldmagblog.com

(In response to the idea of a female president)

*Re: 'A woman would try to combat the problem using logic and diplomacy. Like that could ever work.'*

Yeah, since women are known for their logic. Maybe diplomacy and emotion. Of course if it must a women, most of us would be okay with Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin. :)

Gene #fundie worldmagblog.com

Peronally, I thimk we should have blown the statue up after 9/11 and sent it back to France to show our disgust at France's opposition to fighting the war on terrorism.

I still think we should do it, and raise a gigantic statue of Jesus in it's place. Now that would be a thumb in the eye of the Muslim terrorists! It would also make a statement that this is a Christian nation.

Gene #fundie worldmagblog.com

What the purging of Lieberman showed us is that the traitors, the terrorist lovers, and the America haters have completely taken over the Democratic party. The Democratic party has cast it's lot with the Axis of Evil and should be treated accordingly. Any American citizen who belongs to, supports, or votes for the Democrats might as well say that they want to see our country destroyed. I wish the President had the guts to declare the Democratic party as a terrorist organization and proceed to dismantle it. In any event, the Democratic party is finished in this country.

MH #fundie worldmagblog.com

IDrilledya will not be satisfied until we all confess to and worship evolution and evolutionist scientists, force our children to accept liberal dogma, abandon any restraint on or discipline of our children, initiate homosexual relationships, wear a ball and chain around our necks and a sign that says "I am the slave of all non-whites and I am scum forever", kill our babies before they're born, and engage in sexual orgies without end while singing Barbara Streisand songs about nasty conservatives.

In other words, nothing you can write or say on this blog will ever convince this person of anything, as they will twist and distort everything you say that doesn't match up with their hopeless worldview, take offense to it, call you a hateful, bigoted Christian, and come back for more the next day.

Lex Rex #fundie worldmagblog.com

(Regarding Andrea Yates)

Maybe all Andrea needs is a hug from compassionate Christians and prayers that the next time she gets knocked up in prison during a congugal visit that she won't suffer from I-feel-ugly-because-I-have- stretchmarks-and-don't-look-sexy-anymore- syndrome.

Most depression - postpartum or otherwise - and most mental illness is the result of unrepentant sin.

Dang, I'm so uncomapassionate I feel like flaming myself here!

Truth is Stranger #fundie worldmagblog.com

[Apparently salvation depends on your political party:]

Liberals (Marxists and socialists), gays and feminists go to heaven? Sheesh! You know, As Christians, we'd hate to live our lives in holiness, after dailiy being conformed to the image of God's Son Jesus Christ and then get up to heaven, see a bunch of liberals, ungodly conservatives, sodomites and feminists and hear God say, "Oh, well, hell's such a terrible place, and I've decided to let all these wicked people up in here."

What a perversion of God's justice!

Unless of course you mean what you said in an a la The Apostle Paul "this is what some of you were, but you were washed..." sense. I'm hoping that's what you meant. But then, they wouldn't be feminists, liberals and gays by then, would they?

Truth is Stranger #fundie worldmagblog.com

Good points, Nick. The Marxist environment in colleges is tailor-made for anyone who isn't a Christian White male. Every single class, be it psychology or calculus exists to indoctrinate all people groups that the Christian White male is responsible for all the hell that you and people before you have ever gone through. So, of course women are going to outperform men. Colleges are all about convincing them that they're equal to men. And they're all about convincing everybody else that they're equal to everybody else. So how is the lie perpetuated? By leveling the playing field of course. Any woman is going to excel in college with idiotic and Satanic feminist goddess poetry classes and "How Christian White Males Destroyed Civilization" classes. Are those classes for mainstream college-bound men? Of course not. And even the less extreme classes are full of Marxist indoctrination and guilt trips. No young man wants to pay for 15 units to be told all day long in one form or another ( and he'll get the message loud and clear) that he's a cancer in society (Susan Sontag's words) and that everything horrible in the world is his fault.

roaring lamb #fundie worldmagblog.com

it's buying the lie from a very dark pit of hell known as radical feminism: hook, line, and sinker.

a Christian woman's place shouldn't be in the male-dominated workplace outside of her home. what's wrong with working at home ?
(especially in the age of telecommuting)
what happened to the Proverbs 31 woman ?

hilary rodman and her fast & easy pro-abortion staffers(*) give women and womanhood a very bad name. Stay at home, raise and homeschool the kids, and bake some cookies for God's sake !!

* immodest, indecent, and very loose women.

CMT #racist worldmagblog.com

I know where you're going, and the reason the Bible mentions sanctions for slaves and masters is that the Bible does indeed allow slavery under certain circumstances. All slavery is not immoral, contrary to the atheistic and unitarian doctrines of nineteenth century abolitionism.

CMT #fundie worldmagblog.com

[Read the rest of the thread if you want your eyes to bleed]

The happiest place for a woman to be is married to a Christian man who strives to love her as Christ loves the church and her being in the home with her children who rise up and call her blessed. A college degree or a corporate job can't nurse or bathe a woman when she's elderly. Godly children she's raised can.


Unless a husband is thoroughly incapacitated and the wife absolutely has to be the breadwinner (and even that should be temporary because the church should be helping her out financially so she can continue being at home) he is to work out in the world, and she is to be in her sphere in the home. Any other arrangement might make people feel cuddly, spessshhhhel and equal, but God's Word calls role reversal an abomination. If God's Word does not suffer a man and a woman to wear each other's clothing, He would certainly call it abominable for them to operate in one anothers' spheres.

roaring lamb #fundie worldmagblog.com

Greetings in the name of the camel, the donkey, and the Saulki.

Do any of you remember what the taliban did to the largest historic statue of booda, that was carved out of the side of a mountain, in Afghanistan ?
(ie. lots of dynamite and a big BOOM !)

isn't this what the "atheists" are doing with religious symbols in America (ie. the giant Cross on a hill in San Diego), without actually resorting to using dynamite or tnt, but choosing to use the just as deadly and destructive activist and legislative courts such as the 9th circuit court in California instead ?

i mean what's next, are they going to try to target Sacred Ground such as the thousands of Crosses at Arlington National Cemetery next ? i hope not.
God bless America.

roaring lamb #racist worldmagblog.com

GO Ghana ! Chocolate Power Black Stars !!

"I told y'all that the World Cup am a Chocolate Cup. That Ghana victory was almost as sweet as Newman's Own Chocolate peanut-butter cups. Now looky here, the crime situation in my Chocolate City have become so bad, that even as the mayor, i can't go to me favorite expensive restaurants on a nightly basis in order to enjoy Chocolate City's famous nightlife and gambling scene. It like the criminals, drug-dealers, and gangsters have totally taken over my Chocolate City. Would somebody please ask our Vanilla President to send some more National Guard troops down here; the criminal activity down here have become almost totally out of control and stuff !"
Prophet Ray Nagin
(the cocoa cajun kojak)

thomas #fundie worldmagblog.com

[Re: how the theory of plate tectonics disagrees with a young earth]

They could also consider it to have been created mature. Continents in place as if they had separated. So trying to contradict God's work in creation with what appears to the eye over time is invalid. It in no way contradicts Platetechtonics, which is simply the study of the plates movements. Extrapolating to say its been doing that for 4 billion years is unverifable assumption. Good effort though and nice fairy tale.