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I know the game they're playing. Either they're taking cash bribes directly into offshore accounts... or it's laundered through offshore charities... or through corrupt offshore countries like Ukraine... or through illegal campaign contributions... or the bribes are doled out to family members or trusted friends of the politicians and government officials to keep them one step removed. One thing is clear: Our nation has been sold out.

There's only one way to find out: LIE DETECTOR TESTS.

The politicians will refuse. They'll say these tests are "unreliable." Let's turn the tables on them. I found out recently that Navy SEALs are forced to take random lie detector tests several times a year to detect if they've shared top-secret information with spouses, family or friends. If they fail the test, they're instantly fired.

If the government accepts the results of lie detector tests as proof enough to fire Navy SEALs, then "we the people" accept the results to fire the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. From now on, either take the lie detector test, or in the words of Donald Trump, "You're fired!"



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