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Kissed my student, no regrets~

The following day after my first ask this week, i joked about inviting him to my house and joked about how I could trust him to visit more than his darker classmates, it took him a minute, but I'm sure he realised what I was saying ♥️♥️

Then I did the same thing - break. I asked him to stay behind. Praised him a little with some idle chatter to loosen him up, and then stole his lips before sending him out~

he'll be on vacation for summer break soon. I want him to be able to say he had his teacher as a booty call before that.

just a kiss? i'm a bit let down... still a good first step!

any chance you could DM me, anonymous slutty teacher?

My liberal, teenage half Asian daughter was complaining last week about white boys at her school and white supremacy in general. I'm her Asian mom, 40's, and her dad is white. She and I have both been liberals our whole lives, but I took the opportunity to educate her in the common sense of sex. I told her that I was only attracted to white men and deep down I know she was too; and that it was natural for the best of men to believe in their superiority. We both blushed and I told her I'd rather her date a right wing, racist white boy who calls us slurs than a pathetic Asian boy; and she gigglingly agreed. Then we hugged and I went back to my bedroom to rub my clit to your blog.

adorable. asian women and girls love white supremacy. anon, you're a good mom 😉👌



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