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Nuclear Winter is Coming
The Battle of Armageddon Has Just Begun

As of Tues. 31 Oct. Halloween
POTUS Was Insulated on AF1
It’s Time To Take Back Our Country!

As of Tues. 31 Oct. Halloween
All Major ‘Oil-Producing’ Arab Countries Have Joined BRICS.
And Refused Use of the Fiat US Petro Dollar
The Fleeing Khazarians Have Lost Control of the World Financial System.
The ‘Revaluation’ of World Currencies is HERE.
Judy Note: They say that 6 O Clock on Halloween 31 Oct. was dangerous – it was Game Over. On that same Tues. 31 Oct. the Balfour Lease on Israel Inc. as a private company owned by the Rothchilds Khazarian Mafia, was over. Israel had lost it’s status as a corporation (meaning it was bankrupt, along with other corporations of the Cabal).
White Hat Intel:

ALL WARS are started by a false flag. Pearl Harbor in WW2, Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, 9/11 in Iraq, etc.
On 9/11, Building 7 fell without anything hitting it. 9/11 happened and Building WTC 7 was destroyed to prevent NESARA GESARA.
What’s happening in Israel is to STOP GESARA.

Trump never seceded because they acknowledged him as Commander in Chief of the greatest military operation in the world.
They are taking down treasonous legislative and judicial officials who have infiltrated our government over the past several hundred years, and most recently since the CIA was founded in 1947. Kennedy and Reagan (Bush = CIA Director, Bush = VP)
Assassination, Attempted Assn.: Halliburton founder = Lolo Soetoro, Lolo = Barry Soetoro Father (Hussein), Lolo = best friends with Bush/Bin Laden, Lolo + Dunham = CIA ops GWB + B.O. = Friends since childhood, B.O. + Michael LaVaughn Robinson (Michelle) = CIA ops
Who are these people? Who/what do they worship? How do they practice their “religion?” What/who do they sacrifice for “power?” What group is founded on these beliefs? FMs. (Freemasonry describes itself as a “beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols”) Symbolism will be their downfall.



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