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spoilerimage description: an U-Haul truck with a banner reading "Homosexuals can not reproduce so they must recruit"


Phobia is a buzzword, that does indeed need to be quashed.

The banner is correct.

Being disgusted by deviant behavior, (and the mentally deficient) is not equal to being "in fear of".

@Projection Look out for any multinational companies who “support” these freaks and boycott accordingly. They’ll soon learn.

@Projection I thought men could get pregnant now???


Sad that homos are infiltrating the GOP, telling the lie that they are conservative.


@Projection so far they have recruited AIDS and monkey pox

@Projection All of these fags and dykes must die.

@Projection Heterosexuals... preventing mass extinction for millennia...

@Projection Exactly. They should not be allowed to adopt especially 2 men. Babies need a straight mother whether biological or adoptive. They need a mother and father who will do right by them.

@Projection. Shouldn't there be a tee shirt

Sexual Deviancy "Gay is nothing to be prideful of"

I'm not sure if they need to recruit... I think there is sexual deviation in all of us (as well as greed and a propensity for violence). Unfortunately, the current climate encourages us to act on our sinful thoughts. Not sure if that bus is the best counter-measure. But I don't have a better solution set yet.

@Projection 2022 and we have living homosexuals instead of flying cars



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