notyourfetish #transphobia #pratt

They keep comparing being black to being trans as if both were immutable traits that people are both with.

Being black is actually a real thing, dude. It's racist to say all black men are rapists because it's completely ridiculous to base someone's character on an immutable, trivial trait like skin tone that they have no control over.

"Trans" people aren't born trans. "Trans" is not an immutable, innate trait. "Trans" is not even fucking REAL. "Transwomen" identify as "trans" because they're pornsick straight dudes who have warped their sexuality beyond belief and think that being a woman means strapping on sexy porn gear and harassing lesbians. It's not some shit they were born with or have no control over, and even it was, being a pervert from crib to coffin is not some kind of harmless trait like race or sexuality.

The fucking truth is that "transbians" are rapists. You might as well say someone is a bigot for calling a serial killer a murderer.



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