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Jewish Question Mega Thread

((Franz Boas))) Was the jew created race denialism:

(((Karl Marx))) Was the jew who created communism:–1836

(((Betty Friedan))) Was the jew who created second wave feminism:

(((Lucian Grainge))) is the CEO of Universal music group:

(((Greg Lansky))) Is the owner of the porn website "Blacked" : The entire porn industry was also created by jews: The adult film industry in America came to exist, and was allowed to flourish, thanks almost entirely to the work of Jewish trailblazers.

(((Larry Silverstein))) Was the owner of WTC 7 which somehow collapsed on 9/11 despite never being hit by a plane:

(((Joe Slovo))) Was a jew who helped Nelson Mandela overthrow apartheid: The entire anti apartheid movement was also lead by jews:

(((Albert Bourla))) Is the jew behind the (((Pfizer Vaccine))) The covid vaccines are created by jews also:

(((George Soros))) Is the jew who runs the open society foundations which funds leftist groups:
His own son admits he does what he does because he's a jew:




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