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(Total Imbecile)
Serious Should I grade girls in my class more harshly than everyone else?

I am TAing a STEM class @ my uni and there are 10 or so girls in it. When grading I try to be fair but it hit me how obnoxious these women are. Whenever the professor stops to ask if anyone has any question you bet some girl is gonna speak up. They sound so confident it pisses me off. The high inhib stemcels ask questions over chat. Also there are chads running their webcams even though its not required, they just do it because they are good looking and want to show off. Im half tempted to start being picky and grading these chads and girls more harshly than everyone else to sabotage their careers tbh

Why is this even a question. Grade chads and especially foids harshly. Grade incel men with leniency. You have the power to do something, to bring a change in this world. Instead of ldaring like an idiot you can do something positive for the blackpill.

Infact if you grade foids harshly you'd actually be grading them fairly because your monkey simp brain is already subconsciously favouring them. Let me remind you.

1. Those foids will never fuck you. Especially not for grades

2. You will never be treated fairly by normans, chads and especially foids.

3. Those foids already have an army of simps helping them and supporting them in every aspect of life. Why do you think they are so confident? They never had to face any adversity. They have been treated with leniency all their life. Don't be one of those cucks



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