Rev. Joel Webbon #racist

On the latest episode of his Right Response Ministries show, Christian nationalist pastor Joel Webbon declared that he was celebrating White Boy Summer — a meme popularized by white supremacists. Webbon claimed that White Boy Summer is about celebrating “Anglo-Protestant culture,” which he called “the best culture”

“And so, with White Boy Summer, part of it — there’s a lot — but part of it is honoring the Western, Anglo-Protestant heritage,” Webbon declared while wearing a pair of Pit Viper sunglasses. “And the reality is this: There is a lot to honor”

The roots of White Boy Summer can be traced back to a music video of the same name by Chet Hanks[…]
Webbon claimed that “Anglo-Protestant culture” is “not only” a “particularly honorable culture,” but that it’s arguably “the best culture,” because “it is the one that for these last 500 to 1,500 years has most closely modeled the Christian worldview”

And he proclaimed that “Not only is it okay to be white, it is good to be white”[…]
But while Webbon acknowledged that White Boy Summer “may have started off with not the best intentions” — and was neither “nefarious” nor “righteous” — he claimed that “it has been sufficiently hijacked by the Christian Right,” meaning he is free to celebrate it

“And so in the same way that Charles Dickens, you know, he would say ‘Bob Cratchit, you know, well I say that this Christmas is merry and I wish you a merry [Christmas],’ I say that this White Boy Summer is a glorious and righteous White Boy Summer,” he said. “And I wish you to be happy and merry upon it”



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