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[Venting] My heart aches whenever I see a cuckold father with his daughters

It's just the most pathetic, depressing sight.

Today I went shopping and I saw a father with FOUR FUCKING DAUGHTERS and not a single son. Can you imagine that? The average cost of raising a child in the US from birth until 17 is $233,610. Multiply that by four and you get 934 440 US$ That is almost a million dollars. And obviously, most parents continue paying for their children much longer after they turn 17. You still have college to pay for.
So basically, that spineless cuck will end up spending well over a million dollars raising sets of holes to keep men's dicks warm and wet. That's literally what he's doing. There's no other way around it. Sure, having an incel son isn't anything to be proud of either, but at least you're not spending your hard-earned money raising a living fleshlight. He could've avoided all this by having 4 abortions. As bad as I felt for him, I also felt angry that he's such a bitch that he's actually raising them. I wanted to tell him how I feel but obviously that's social suicide. You're not allowed to question whoredom.

Sure, they might be young and innocent now, but does he not realize that soon enough they'll be teenagers? They'll start going to nightclubs, house parties, music festivals? Does he not realize what they'll be doing? I've made a thread about this: https://incels.co/threads/i-went-to-a-music-festival.67394/ It really boggles my mind how any self-respecting man can be okay with this. Spending absurd amounts of money just to get some other men's rocks off. I truly believe that the man who invents some kind of pill that will prevent you from passing on your x chromosome will become a billionaire overnight.



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