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The Boogaloo Boys is an alleged right-wing paramilitary unit and death squad owing allegiance to the Clinton-Bush Crime Family to serve the interests of the Deep State and NeverTrump movement. Ideologically it is a de-centralized libertarian pro-gun anti-racist movement aligned with Black Lives Matter. The movement is based on the idea that increasing political polarization and instability will inevitably lead to a domestic armed conflict, which they refer to as Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo. The movement draws its name from the 1984 movie, Electric Boogaloo.

Reason magazine describes the Boogaloo Boys as "Gen Z Second Amendment activism. Its members forgo the patriotic symbolism of traditional militia movements for flowered apparel, bright patches, and colorful memes. Their approach to organizing resembles Hong Kong's decentralized, privacy-conscious, and social media-heavy protest movement. They are digitally native activists, raised on Instagram and TikTok, who understand that in the world of online feedback loops, actions are often less important than the way they're presented."

[Fun fact, they want a race war:]



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