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RE: Anyone else tired of all the race focus on the recent economic schemes and in diversity?

My military mom was talking about how they only focused on diversity in race, not gender, and how that was a sharp turn from the metoo movement just a few years ago. When Biden gives away money to minorities on unemployment only, or to their small businesses, he forgets entirely about a large portion of the working class in Appalachia who have been entirely overlooked and demonized, along with a good portion of small businesses. How is not assisting them not considered racism by itself? It should be, but the media wouldn’t frame it as that. It seems as if even they don’t realize that this hurts the left and their coalition in the long run, meaningless victories and time wasting only alienates the majority who could learn to appreciate leftist economics if they weren’t immediately shoved in with wokeness, along with environmentalism which is a big issue too.

Of course I am, having come from the black PMC milieu myself (but as Matt Christman points out, one of the ones to fall through the cracks now that the “dream” of social climbing has been snuffed out) I utterly despise this group of race hustling minorities who try manipulating all this diversity shit and warping all discussions of economics and government policy into a cynical scheme to gain more wealth and power for themselves. And the most disgusting part about them is that they use working class minorities as pawns in their little game to cement themselves as either capitalists in their own right, retainers to the capitalists, or academics. And if you hear how they will often talk about working class minorities they feel disgusted by them, almost as disgusted by them as actual white supremacists are. It’s an entirely self-interested, cynical, and psychopathic mode of politics.



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